Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Back in SF

Hi all -

It's been a while - i got back from NY 2 week ago (tomorrow) - and it still feels like i just left. I haven't unpacked yet. I mean - i've taken out all the pretty things i bought - but the other crap - stiletto's - pashmina's - down jacket - and that pair of jeans i never wore are still socked away - waiting to be put in their proper places. I have no intention of doing that any time soon. Maybe the pashmina's - i hate to wear them when they're wrinkled. The suitcase has moved from one hallway to another though - so i'm making progress - it actually has left it's original resting point from when i arrived home at 1:30am.

NY was amazing - we had THE best time. Saw all our friends - cocktailed - dined out - found new fabulous restaurants - Jane and Metsovo (we went there twice) - we had drinks at the Hudson - and Mercer Kitchen - had dinner at Balthazar - brunch at Jacques - had THE quintessential NY star sighting - Donald. Yes, Donald Trump - SO nice - soft hands - held the door for me - i think Melania was there too but i was so freaking awe struck that i didn't even notice - i did scamper away quickly enough to grab this photo from my camera phone of him opening the door.

Yes, i'm a dork - but it was Donald - and there are few - very very few people i would ever snap a picture of or be so totally excited to see - except maybe lenny kravitz - but that's an entirely different story - it involves shoe shopping and well - never mind... i digress - we saw all our friends and seriously had the best time. Always sad to leave as the weather was so beautiful. It did snow the day before i left which was odd, but so pretty. The day i left if was nice again. So hard to leave...

Since i've been home - i've seen my nephews - and family - had dinner with mom and dad - gave the little monkeys their presents - as well as the rest of the family. Oh yeah, and i ended up in the hospital because of my back. I tweaked it somehow - and it just kept getting worse and worse until i ended up at the emergency room last tuesday. I spent the day there - blech the general masses - especially when ill - are just so revolting - i had one man in front of me on a gurney ( in my little exam room) - moaning 'Ooooooooh' - over and over and over and over and over and over and i shit you not OVER again. He'd throw in "I'm VERY sick" every now and then to break up the monotony of his 'oooooh's. It was special. The staff knew him by name and strapped him to the bed so he wouldn't get up and walk around - which he was prone to doing. Lovely. I don't need to describe the others to you - trust me - it was no glamour party.

I finally see my doctor - kinda Dr. McDreamy - except i'm fairly certain he was gay - and we talked about my back - and he gave me a horse pill to take to ease some of the pain - and then when he realized i was driving myself home - he couldn't do much more other than give me prescriptions. I was told to get dressed - and the nurse would have prescriptions ready. While getting dressed - i had a massive back spasm in the bathroom - um, ew - and could barely stand upright - literally - it's like the middle of my back gave out. It took me a good 5 minutes to compose myself - get dressed - literally grab my prescriptions and drive to walgreen's to have them filled. When i finally got home - i took 2 codeine - 1 valium and don't remember much else. I slept on the couch that night - was basically in hibernation for the next few days - waking to take my meds - and then sleep. Rich took care to call me often - check up on me - i barely remember those conversations - but i know he called all the time - which is so very sweet.

I'm better now - off the major drugs and just taking ibuprofen - not a lot - but daily. I'm bringing what is left over to NY next time i go to make sure i have stuff handy in case something like this happens again. I have a bad back - it's been this way for a while - i have a compressed disc - but it's manageable. This was different - and it wouldn't get better. But finally - i'm okay. Phew.

I'm wondering if there is anything else - oh yeah - remember my cocktails with the prince in january - well i've been invited to a ball in monte carlo in june - to celebrate the 1st anniversary of prince andrew's ascension to the throne. I have literally no idea if i'll be going - but holy shit - how fabulous is that!

All else is well - K

Tuesday, April 04, 2006


I've extended my trip by a few days. It's been absolutely gorgeous here - all the buds and blooms are blossoming. We've been having a great time - seeing friends - shopping - dinners out - dinners in - cocktails - and - of course - work. The crush of work is gone - with the quarter end turning into 2nd quarter - so i've got some breathing room. Leaving the office a bit early and heading to SoHo for dinner tonight. It's been a fantastic trip.

More later - K