Thursday, August 30, 2007

Open forum or Voyeurism

I haven't written in forever. I just audited my blog and i've only written 6 times this year. I used to be so prolific - writing all the time - updating with even the tiniest things - a small purchase, a good dinner with friends, a preview of an upcoming trip - anything. Lately not so much. I don't know - perhaps i don't have much to say. I've contemplated shutting the Water Princess down - i've contemplated making it private so i could be a bit more open about my life and keep this more as an online diary rather than an open forum, so to speak, into the generality of my life.

Maybe i'll start another blog anonymously and put all that stuff there. No one will know - i'll change the names to keep the innocent, and no so innocent, safe and just write. Open up and write.

I will say this - i have sitemeter - anyone who writes a blog has one thing or another that tracks who comes to your blog - where they are from - how long they stayed - how many pages they viewed and how they arrived at your blog - either from another blog, a google search of something obscure, or a specific search for you. It kind of creeps me out when it's a specific search for me. This happened on Tuesday - someone in Sunnyvale specifically searched for me - using google - and stayed on my site for 9 minutes. In addition to my name, they used another search word which let me know where they saw me first. It's these random anonymous yet specific searches that bother me. This is one of the reasons i'm considering pulling this site. While it's a chronicle of my life - it's also a chronicle of my LIFE.

There are times when i want to be so brutally honest it hurts. But i can't - for varying reasons. It's the openness that i'm longing for - but how am i to do that while maintaining some semblance of anonymity. Nearly impossible. So - I have two options - no, three options - close down Water Princes, keep Water Princess open yet open another blog, anonymously and write to my hearts content, or lastly, throw the doors to my life wide open here and reveal it all.

Something to ponder. Suggestions or comments would be appreciated.

xx - K