Thursday, June 30, 2005


Rich's mom is a miracle worker! She found the unfindable. She found the Christian Dior Princess Ring. And not 1, but 2! She's one of my favorite new people.

Tiny bit of back story to this...

So, Christian Dior (who i love love love - best handbags/shoes/clothes - so sexy and fun) came out with this fabulous lip gloss housed in an oversized ring. It's hot. And sold out. Both my sister and i had to have one - we loved the lip glosses (2 different shades in the ring once you flip the jeweled top open) and were looking everywhere for them. No one had them - every one was sold out. I couldn't even find them online. Only the eyeshadow version of the ring was available. And EW, it was blue. Blue! No thank you. Never. I finally had to resign myself to not having this decadent little ring - and bemoan the fact that i again waited when i should have bought when i had the chance...

Hello Louis Vuitton gorgeous to die for earrings...dammit

So anyway - Rich told me the other day that he had a surprise for me. And me, liking instant gratification and all, prodded him until he told me that his mom had found the rings and secured 2 of them, 1 each for my sister and me. YAY. I was stunned, literally. HOW had she worked her magic! I would love to have those magic skills, I can only imagine the yummy things i would secure: the gorgeous Dolce & Gabbana fitted t-shirt with their D&G logo encrusted in crystal on the front - to go with, of course, the long boucle D&G coat of raspberry, pale pink and creme cashmere in an oversized plaid; the YSL spectator stilettos - so gorgeous; the Dior logo mules; the simple black Donna Karan winter coat with just the right amount of detail to make it lustful rather than typical; the Marc Jacobs biker bag in silver - so hot; and, of course, the matching winter white wool boucle chanel handbag to match my black one.

Alas, i don't have magic powers, however, i now know someone who does...

Life is good.

Meow - K

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Bits and Pieces

It's been a while since i posted last. The oral surgery went incredibly well - i was only on pain killers for 1 day - and the oral surgeon said i had an amazing recovery. It was really easy, shockingly, but while i'd prepared myself for a lot of pain, there was literally none. Lucky me. :)

I spent the weekend at my parents house - and rich surprised me with the most beautiful bouquet of flowers - hydrangea, roses, lisyanthus - and 2 'get well' balloons attached to a sweet little bear. Totally made my day.

Father's Day was nice, had brunch with friends, then went to the North Beach Festival to hang out. I drove to my parents house around 5:30 - and we grilled and relaxed. Nothing terribly exciting, but fun nonetheless. I bought my dad 2 tix to a musical he's been wanting to see - it's about a family on the lower east side called 'a stoop on orchard street'. He mentioned to me he wanted to see it, so i got the tix for him for father's day and we're going tonight. Should be fun.

Other than that i'm still recovering from that cold - the cough won't go away. It's almost gone, finally. It's the end of the quarter at work which means i'm more slammed than usual. I'm juggling an inordinate amount of work - and all of the deadlines are, of course, high priority. It's a little crazy. But, a girl must keep her eye on what's important, and that, for me, is heading to NY at the end of next week to spend 2 weeks with rich. YAY. Can't wait.

We have plans, of course, but on a much more leisurely scale - we don't have to cram everything we want to do into 5 days - we have over 2 weeks to hang out, play, shop, cocktail, dine, see friends, sleep in, and be together. I know we'll go to mercer kitchen, balthazar, hit soho, the seaport and see friends, but we can really be doing anything - as long as we're together - we have fun.

I need to buy some summer stuff - it's never really 'that' warm in SF. I bought a cute pair of capris the other day - i think i'll go back and get more. I also need tops and stylish but comfy shoes. I hate shopping when i 'have' to go - when i have to find something specific - that is when i never find what i need. So frustrating.

All else is well - must go grab lunch and then get back to work - I'll write more when i feel i actually have something mildly interesting to say...

Meow - K

Friday, June 10, 2005


I'm having oral surgery - all 4 wisdom teeth removed - in about 4 hours. Rich made me go to bed early last night to make sure i got a good sleep. Which i did. I'm not really nervous anymore - just sort of anxious to have it done. He called his AM to check in - all is well. I'm working from home - normal for a friday - but i did so much work this week to make sure all my deals were covered off in case recovery is harder than i anticipate that i'm really just do some follow up emails and letting those who i have deals closing with - within the next few days - that i'll be out of pocket for the remainder of today and the weekend. All my SEs are really supportive - wishing me well - and good luck - it's sweet actually - especially during the last few weeks of the quarter - when they're usually terrors.

I'm going to be spending the weekend at my parents house - mom and dad are insisting upon it. I doubt i'll be in any mood or shape to post - but i'll post next week on the surgery and the weekend.

All else is going well - i'm heading back to NY for the first 2 weeks of july and then rich is coming out to SF for a few days around the 30th. Can't wait! He and my dad are continuing with emails. Rich paid up with respect for the bet they had about the yankees - when my dad saw it - his immediate response was (a crisp 20 was included in a fedex to them containing fabric samples rich secured for them from a design house in NY) - Jesus Christ! There's a 20 in here!Well, that's going back. haha. I knew he wouldn't take it - but very funny that rich sent it.

Nothing else to talk about - i've got to hop in the shower and get ready to go.

Take care and wish me luck - K

Here's to you, Mrs. Robinson

Anne Bancroft died this week. SO sad. I know most people know her as Mrs. Robinson in The Graduate - but her comedic talent was also exceptional - and she'll be very missed. I also feel so badly for Mel Brooks - they were such a great couple. Such a loss - Rest in Peace.

Sunday, June 05, 2005

Summer Cold

I'm sick - have a bad cold. I've been resting since i got home on thursday from work. Friday was very busy (work-wise) but was spent on the couch working from a reclining position rather than at my kitchen table sans the distraction of the tv. Rich has been checking in on me every few hours - making sure i'm resting - drinking fluids - not sneaking out to be with friends - even though i'm incredibly tempted - not only is it gorgeous out - it's one of the biggest party weekends in SF. Dammit. I hate being sick in the summer - it's worse for some reason - when it's so beautiful outside and i can barely muster the strength to make it from my bed to the couch...I'd go relax on my roofdeck - but even that seems like too much effort right now.

Yesterday morning i was surprised with the most gorgeous bouquet of 2 dozen vibrantly colored roses - deep pinks - peaches - purples and salmon. Stunning. I have them on the coffee table next to me. They smell amazing. He's so sweet - even though he can't be here - he's 'here'.

I'm such a lucky girl.

I have to get my nails and toes done today - but right now - i think i'm going to go back to sleep. I have to rest more - i have to get better or i have to postpone my surgery again - and i can't do that - i want this over and done with. So - rest it is...

More later - K

Thursday, June 02, 2005


We stayed up late monday night - i was working - and got a ton of work completed. I thought i would have been done much sooner - we wanted to watch a movie before bed. Unfortunately - work took me to almost 1:30am. We crawled into bed - curled up with eachother and fell fast asleep. Tuesday was busy in the AM - very - closing one of the deals i worked on monday evening - but i was able to get out of the office at a reasonable hour - 3ish. I headed over to rich's office - hung out with his sister for a while and then rich and i headed back to Soho - i had a few last items i wanted to get - and knew if i didn't do it then - there was no way i would be able to do it wednesday.

We walked around for a while - and then once i bought some yummy things for friends and family - we made our way back to his apt. We napped - briefly - then i showered and got ready for dinner. Balthazar is 'our' place. It's always wonderful. This was no exception. We had 10pm reservations - and rich wore one of my favorite banana republic dress shirts of his - i wore a white satin jacket - jeans - heels and a sexy slinky black top. When we sat down one of the waitresses that we've had before (twice i believe) - came over and said hi - then disappeared only to come back with 2 glasses of champagne for us. How sweet. She's such a doll. We ordered wine - a bottle of pellegrino - and made our choices for dinner. It was such a wonderful night. Dinner was relaxing and delicious - rich looked handsome and was so sweet and attentive as always - the people watching is some of the best in the city - and we couldn't have had a better time. We had a picture taken at our table - i'm sure rich will post it - if not - i'll ask him to post it here.

After dinner - we spent a little time outside - it was gorgeous out - and then grabbed a cab back to the apartment. Meow.

Wednesday was hurried - and i didn't want to go. I took care of business for most of the morning - we barely got to see eachother before i left. I hate saying goodbye. I'm such a girl - tearing up - head on his chest - not wanting to close the cab door. But i have to. So we say our goodbyes - and i wave out the cab window as it pulls away and toward JFK.

I call rich when i get to the airport and settle into my seat - until they insist we turn off all electronics...and then power up my phone as soon as we land so i can tell him all about my trip 'home' and how i miss him so very much - and how i got sad on the flight while listening to the CD he made me - and how i'm going to have to postpone my oral surgery because i've come down with a cold. And then i call my parents - tell them i'm fine - have landed - will call when i get to my apartment. They're happy i'm home - but they know where my head is - and having told them over the weekend that i'm in love - i think they understand the inevitableness of a change of address for me.

Called the surgeon today - it's postponed until next friday - which makes it easier on everyone. Sadly - i'll miss one of the best party weekends in SF - the Union Street Festival - it's basically a drunken 2 days - with about 10,000 people - milling about union street - standing in make-shift beer gardens overflowing with locals - perusing the booths filled with jewelry, art, ceramics, etc - it's so much fun...

All in all - a wonderful - amazing trip - i'm sad to not be there - i miss rich terribly - but know we'll be together very soon. I've got a sore throat and a cough - hopefully i'll recoup over the weekend. I'm tired and can't wait to go to sleep. I may leave early today...

Must go now - have much work to do - and a few deadlines looming over me.

Meow - K