Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Wishes don't always come true...

I found out today that my position is officially 'global' - which basically means i'm going to be doing 3 times the work - fun fun fun. Actually i'm thrilled - it's exaclty what i wanted. As an aside - i sent an email to basically everyone that i've worked with on deals - on the sales side - asking them if there were any other 'services' they would be interested in seeing my 'team' (team of 1 thank you) deliver.

This is one of the responses:

- i wish you had the time to proof the doc for grammar and or complete sentenses

This is so far from what my role in the company is - it almost cancels out her grotesque spelling error. I don't proof documents, i plan the global strategy on key deals - where in that does it scream admin?

In the dinosaur world - she would have been eaten by now...

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

I see dead people

I went to a psychic this past Saturday - I usually go once a year - just to make sure i'm on the right path - if there are any red flags or roadblocks i need to be aware of. I hadn't gone the last few years - in fact - the last time i went was in 2001 - in New Orleans - actually a phenomenal place for psychic readings etc. However, rather than go to a reputable, known psychic - on a whim, while walking through Jackson Square, I sat down with a street 'psychic' and had him read my 'fortune'. He did tarot and my palm (which i hate and rarely have read because of an inordinately short life line) - and for the most part - it was a benign reading - nothing of note. I wouldn't recommend going to a street psychic if you're actually looking for guidance or insight - most of them are charlatans - but by all means - enjoy the novelty of it if the mood strikes.

When i go to a psychic - and if i'm in a relationship - i don't ask about it - i don't want the outside influence - good or bad. It's too easy to read what you want to hear in what they are saying - and there are certain things that i prefer to guide myself on. However, if i'm not in a relationship - i'm totally open to hearing about what is on the horizon.

Right before my appt this weekend - rich and i were talking - about what i would be doing if i wasn't at my current job - i told him i would go back to being a floral designer/event planner. Once i sat down with my psychic - and he began to read my aura - he was laughing at the fact that that he could see flowers blooming in fast motion and couldn't understand why he was seeing that. Later on - when he asked me about a creative outlet - i told him i did floral design on the side - he made the connection. We talked about work - about my health - family - anything i need to be aware of - or watch out for. I also asked him about my own psychic tendencies (i'll go into that in another post) - and he acknowledged that i had them - but that they would be very hard to hone given my line of work and the amount of stress i'm under - and the absolute need for a relaxed state when nurturing those skills. My job carries too much stress and pressure for me to be 'relaxed' for any significant amount of time. He did suggest some things to me though which i will try.

He touched on some things and brought up certain events/issues that he couldn't have known otherwise - a compressed disk in my back, the names of my managers, certain aspects of my personality, my family, etc. The good news - i'm on the right path job wise although it's going to get a lot busier (how that is possible i have no idea - i'm capped out) - that i'm not going to have financial worries - and that any of my worries/concerns going in to see him were allayed after our session. The "bad" news - time to start taking better care of myself - tune into my body - this is a must. He explained in a very simple - yet very impactful way - you've seen a mom pulling a 2 year old around a grocery store - well, that's me and my body - i just keep on pushing forward and dragging my body behind me even though it needs down time, rest, recuperation and attention. He basically said i need to chill out.

Mind you, it took me 2 months to get this appointment, he comes highly recommended and his skill level is incredible. It was well worth the wait, a truly incredible reading. I'm definitely going to see him again. But don't worry - i'm not about to feng shui my house and start wearing long drapey caftans - unless, of course, Gucci delves into the new age market. Yeah, I think i'm safe.

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