Monday, May 30, 2005

Back home in NY

It's Monday night - today was fabulous. We woke up late and spent the day in Soho. I bought a phenomenal pair of shoes at Aldo - then we had lunch at Bar 89 and spent the rest of the afternoon wandering around the area - walking - buying - walking - buying - it was a lot of fun. Found 2 of the most amazing stores: Distant Origin - and De Vera - both are high-end home furnishing/accessories stores - and both had the most incredible things i've ever seen. Portico is another favorite - beautiful things. We're going to stay in tonight - i've got 2 deals closing tomorrow - so we're going to order in - and watch a movie - and hopefully - i'll get the majority of my work done so tomorrow won't be completely chaotic.

Yesterday was equally as fun. We again woke late - and tried to pull our stuff together to check out. We were going to be spending the day in Soho - but after i called to ensure a late check out - jackie called - they were downstairs - having just had brunch and rich and i insisted they come up and spend some time on the terrace before heading back to DC. They came up - Jackie - her husband Brandt and their baby Cassidy Rose. We talked and laughed - caught up some more and once we were all ready to leave - we left the W. I'll miss that terrace - it was unbelievable. I'll post pics if i can. Rich and i headed to his apt - and then quickly met his sister and her friend sari at Panorama Cafe for brunch. After brunch - we headed to a great park by rich's apt - on the water - and played with the dogs in the 'little' dog run while both his sister and sari let their dogs run wild with all the other dogs - it was hysterical. Such fun.

We got back later than expected - and while i was able to secure reservations for that evening at Spice Market - we ended up going with the original plans of Cipriani's Downtown in Soho - with matt, jeremy and matt's brother dave - to celebrate jeremy's birthday. It was wonderful - a bit of a scene - but i'm never one to shy away from that - i enjoy all the preening and posing - it amuses me. Shannon Elizabeth was there - black shirt - jeans - very pretty. A round of champagne - then several bottles of wine and great food rounded out the dinner. Rich and i got jeremy a key case from louis vuitton - symbolic as they just moved into a new home - so it was a more personal birthday present and he absolutely adore it. I love giving - so much more than receiving - it's such fun to see how excited people are when you get them something they really love. And who doesn't love louis vuitton...

After dinner we went over to their new apt - on the west side - a penthouse duplex with a roofdeck to die for. They've got incredible views and the neighborhood was wonderful - i think the west side just moved up a notch on the list of potential places for me to live...

We stayed until nearly 2am - drinking wine on the roofdeck - and having a generally easy - relaxing - wonderful time. Such good friends - i'm so lucky to know them.

Saturday was fairly quiet - we woke at a reasonable hour - padded around the penthouse (meow) and the terrace - decided to have a late brunch at Mercer Kitchen and do a little shopping. It was fabulous as always - we had our same table at Mercer - upstairs - lobby level - with a front and center view of everything that comes and goes. Before we went in i was perusing the tables outside - looking at all the dangly earrings, etc. One pair caught my eye - a beautiful pair of chandelier earrings - turquoise and gold - dainty and sexy at the same time. There were 2 pair actually - i held each up for rich's opinion - he liked the same pair better that i did. I put them on hold to pick up after lunch. We're seated - enjoying a cocktail - people watching and enjoying the day. Rich gets a call and excuses himself to take the call outside - when he comes back in - he places a silver box in front of me. Too caught up in everything that's happening around me - i don't even notice...for a few minutes - haha. Finally - i look down - BABY!! - and hurrily open it. The earrings!! They're so pretty - i put them on right there - and slowly shake my head back and forth so he can see them. I love them!! So sweet. I love the little surprises he comes up with.

We shopped at louis vuitton - and Orgin Domain - among others - and then had a 3:30pm apt tour at a new complex in the area. We both thought the place was great - but the price point was a good 30% above market value - so that's a pass. But a good measure of what is out there and available if need be... Afterwards, we end up cabbing back to his place - we have to get ready for the philharmonic and i need a nap. We pass on the early dinner - nap for a bit - then get ready for the evening. The philharmonic was so so wonderful. There was a pianist who was truly amazing. It was incredible. I'm so glad we went. We were supposed to see our friends after the performance - but we opted for a late dinner and some more alone time. Saw kathleen turner at the bar. She has an amazing body - but her face hasn't aged well....

Friday was a work day - spent the day at the hotel - on the terrace - finishing deals and taking conference calls. It's amazing how much work i got done. Thankfully...

My darling girlfriend jackie called around 6ish - and we all decided to grab a late dinner downstairs - blue fin i think - it was fun - lots of little tastes. Brandt - her husband - and she LOVED rich. They thought he was great - such fun - and that we're awesome together. Their daughter was sleeping for most of the evening - and Brandt - having just flown in from Zurich the night before from a business trip - excused himself and the little one and headed upstairs. Jax, rich and i stayed downstairs and chatted for another hour before we headed our separate ways. So nice to have the confirmation of dear friends in what i already know to be true.

Thursday night i arrived - settled in - had a glass of wine and was greeted by rich with a gorgeous bouquet of peonies (my favorite) - some little presents (as i had for him) - and a long awaited kiss. Matt, jeremy and dave came over that evening and we went through 2 bottles of wine on the terrace - catching up and relaxing. Rich took a ton of pictures - i'm sure he'll post them.

More to tell later - i'm exhausted...


Thursday, May 26, 2005


I have the penthouse suite at the W - it's amazing. Rich and i are having friends over for cocktails on my terrace (which occupies 2 sides of the hotel - it's unbelievable) in about 10 minutes - have to finish getting ready. The view is incredible. I love (love love love) NY.

Will write more later in the weekend - things couldn't be better.

Meow - K

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Define and discuss

Will someone please - please - give me a good definition of the word 'hipster'. I am so sick of hearing it and everyone seems to have their own version of what it means - or who should be labeled with it.

Dicuss ...

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Prepare for flight

I've got a million things to do before my flight this coming early early thursday am. So excited for NY. I've got to get my nails and toes done - i have to return 2 tops to banana republic - too big - buy a silky/lace camisole top at banana republic to go with a gorgeous cashmere/silk short kimono-ish top i recently purchased elsewhere - god it's amazing - i also have to organize my other outfits - and clean my house as i'm having my surgery 2 days after i return.

Oh. Not sure if i mentioned. The appt with the oral surgeon went really well - he's wonderful. I need all 4 of my wisdom teeth out. So it's planned for June 3. I'm on penicillin right now and taking advil for any pain or discomfort. Not looking forward to it - but my mom and dad are being so sweet and despite the fact that they've got 2 parties to go to over the weekend - they're insisting i stay at the house so they can 'care' for me. Basically - mom is going to pick me up after the surgery - wisk me home - tuck me in - throw on her heels and head to the dinner party with my dad. I should be fine for work that monday although i'll most likely work from home rather than drive to my office.

I was supposed to have dinner with my sister and the babies tonight but i'm just going to go over for a few minutes to pick something up i need to bring to NY for rich. I'll give the babies lots of kisses before i head out the door and sammy a little present i bought him yesterday. I think i'll start packing tonight - so i'm not completely frantic and rushed tomorrow night. I've already called the town car to pick me up at the airport so that's taken care of - now i have to secure a terraced suite. I should have an assistant. haha.

What else what else - i'm just so excited to be in NY with rich. It's only been a month - or thereabouts - but it feels like forever. I can't wait to just fall asleep in his arms. I so adore him.

Back to work - so much to do.

Meow - K

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Mystery solved

So i went to the dentist yesterday because i had been getting headaches and my jaw was hurting and it turns out i need to have my wisdom teeth pulled. Youch. I have a consultation with an oral surgeon tomorrow at 1:30 - and will most likely have the procedure done the friday of the week i get back from NY. I'm not looking forward to this - but at least they've identified the issue and we're taking steps to get it resolved quickly.

Perfect timing on rich's part - i got into the office today and waiting for me were 2 dozen gorgeous red roses with the sweetest card. Thanks darling - they're so beautiful...

NY is turning into one great big weekend with friends. One of my best girlfriends - jax - is going to be in NY with her husband and her darling new baby girl (4.5 months) - we're going to get together with them - at least once - hopefully more. Matt and jeremy are scheduled for at least dinner and definitely cocktails - lani and her new husband are going to be cocktails too. Add a bbq with rich's sister and her boyfriend along with seeing other friends and the weekend/week is booked.

We have an appt to look at an apt on friday. It's my number 1 choice - in soho - brand new - terrace - gourmet kitchen - marble bath. Cross your fingers :)

Nothing else to report - work is hectic as usual. I'll write more tomorrow once i get home after my consult with the surgeon.

Meow - K

Friday, May 13, 2005

Catching up

It's friday and i'm working from home. I was going to go get my nails done - but i'll do that tomorrow. Took 2 conference calls this am and then fielded a bunch of work - put two deals to bed and got 3 more in. Not bad.

I'm supposed to go out tonight - have cocktails with friends. This weekend is supposed to be a really busy one - out tonight - shopping tomorrow - out tomorrow night as well and then the 'bay to breakers' on sunday. It's a fairly famous race - everyone does it - and the majority of the people who go don't run - it's more social than anything. There are the real runners - and there are the crazy people who 'run' after them. Every year people show up in the craziest outfits - there are the usual naked runners - the centipedes - the elvis's - nuns - babies - basically - it's like halloween if you ran a race while out partying. Last year our group had a shopping cart filled with alcohol - so needless to say - our group was quite popular. The only problem - if you lose your friends - you better make some new ones quickly because the chance of you finding them again is nil. There are thousands of people.

When i had insomnia the other night - i did end up calling rich and we talked for a while - until i was able to fall asleep. We talked about everything - and it's so comforting knowing that no matter what time - i can call him and he's there.

I'm heading back to NY - spending a week there - so looking forward to it. We're going to be looking at apt's while i'm there and have an appt at our 'number 1 choice' the day after i arrive. I personally like Soho - and the upper east side and the upper west side come in 2nd and 3rd. But honestly - it's going to be the place that dictates the location not the other way around. If we find a fabulous place on the west side - then i'll be there - i'm not married to any specific location. I'm just anxious to get there...

Mother's day was wonderful - we had brunch at the country club in napa with my sister's 'family in law' (her mother in law - father in law and sister in law). Brunch was lovely - even though it was raining heavily - sammy and i spent the majority of the time playing and i fed cole for my sister. My brother in law's sister was a wretch as usual - she's just a miserable person. I contradicted her about something nearly 2 years ago - and she hasn't spoken a word to me since. It's hysterical. I really don't bother with her - she's just generally a very unhappy person. It actually works out that she acts like such a twit - she had wanted to 'hang out' before this all happened - and now - obviously - i don't have to dodge that bullet. Anyway... gave my sister a beautiful antique porcelain dish and my mom a set of gorgeous etched glasses. I also gave holly's mother in law a small book of walking tours of paris - as she and her husband leave on the 20th for 3 weeks. She loved it!

Brunch lasted for several hours and then we all said our goodbyes. Rich called while i was in the car with my parents heading back to marin - we talked for a bit - and then he had to return to his own mothers day dinner which sounded like a lot of fun. Once he got home that night - he called and we spent some time on the phone - comparing notes and catching up on our day.

This week was terribly busy - very hectic. A lot of international deals - a lot of pressure. It's going very well - but it's a lot to juggle. I'm glad the week is over. Thankfully - i have no deals closing in the first 3 days of this coming week - which gives me some breathing room.

All else is well - things could not be better with rich and me. I've never been happier. He's amazing. I truly feel so lucky to have found someone who is so attentive - affectionate - loving - hysterical - smart - passionate and always there for me. It doesn't matter how busy he is - if he's in the middle of work - or rushed - he makes the time. And - i do the same for him. Relationships are not easy - they take work - and my personal feeling is if you aren't in it with the same goals - ideals - values and respect - it will never work. I'm reminded daily how good we are together - and how much i want to be with him. I could gush some more - about how lucky we are - about how much i love him - and how we feel about eachother - but i think this is enough for now.

Time to wrap things up with my work week - i'll try and post mid-weekend.

Meow - K

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Wide Awake

Insomnia again. Such fun. This sucks. I've been up for about an hour - give or take.

Heading back to NY at the end of the month for a week. So looking forward to it. Have plans to see friends - look at apartments - do the usual Soho brunch/shopping/cocktail crawl. My dear friend - matt has moved to NY with his boyfriend jeremy from london. I am so excited to see them again - rich and i saw them in february - dinner at pastis - drinks another night - just so thrilled they're going to be living there. Nice to have a built in social circle once i move...

Work is a bit crazy - a lot of international deals. Sinapore - Sydney - Sweden - UK - Spain. It's going well. It's a little intense - but it's going well.

I would call rich - but he didn't get a lot of sleep last night and i don't want to wake him - but - it is almost 8am in NY - maybe i'll call.

I'm off - can't take much more of this - i think i'll just toss and turn for a while...oh joy.

Night - or morning - all - K

Wednesday, May 04, 2005


I have several girlfriends in the same boat at this particular time - the boyfriend boat. Luckily for me i've never been happier - but i swear it must be a full moon because issues and chaos are coming out of the woodwork in the shape of boyfriend trouble.

Girls - there are a few rules to live by - they've worked for me and i'm sure they'll work for you.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

You're fabulous - don't ever let anyone tell you otherwise. Period. Tell anyone who thinks opposite to bugger off.

You're beautiful. Yes, you are, so hush.

Be selfish. It's okay. I know it's not in your nature - but you're allowed. Stop trying to please everyone else and take some time for yourself. Say no. Be busy when you're not. Go on, try it, trust me - it feels gooooood.

Pamper pamper pamper. Seriously girls - indulge yourself - buy something yummy and decadent - something girly - or whatever makes you feel better. For me - it's a new handbag - or jewelry - or cashmere - or a new nightie - or a delicious get the point.

If it's not working out - move on. Period. He won't change. Really, he won't.

You're worth it. Stop making allowances for people who don't measure up to your standards.

Set expectations. Minimum standards for yourself and of those you invite into your life.

Prioritize your life (that is actually written in lipstick ((bobbi brown burgundy - fabulous color)) at the top of the mirror in my closet as a daily reminder). Keep what you like - get rid of what you don't. Occasionally that happens to be people. So be it. Bye bye.

Smile. People like being around happy people. Smiling also makes you look prettier - so get to smiling.

Smell good. It's a proven fact that men find those who smell appealing something like 20% more attractive than those who have no 'smell'. You're at a charity event with your darling girlfriend - you're both chatting up a handsome man - he catches a whiff of your perfume and - voila - you're now 20% more attractive than her. Just make sure you smell delicious. I have 2 scents i wear - neither of which i will divulge - but let's just say - men love them. meow.

Wear heels. Not clunky low heels - but high sexy skinny heels. Kitten heels also work. Mules and slingbacks especially. Unless you're on your feet all day - and i mean all day like a sales girl or something - wear heels.

You're important and unique and and you have to love yourself. Truly.

Bottom line - do what you need to do to make yourself happy. Change what needs to be changed - go see a shrink - work it out - go to the gym - get a little botox - buy something extravagant - drink champagne for 'non-special' occasions - laugh a lot - cry when you need to - life is simply too short to be miserable and the longer you stay with the man or job or haircut or whatever that's making you unhappy - the less likely it is that you're going to find the man or job or stylist that will.

So my darling girls - you know who you are - you know i love you - and i want the best for you - i just hope you want the best for yourself.

Kisses - K

Monday, May 02, 2005

short & sweet

It was a quiet weekend. Spent saturday visiting a dear family friend (along with my mom and sister) - she just had her baby - after many many months of trying - and her little girl couldn't be more beautiful - charlotte grace. Rosiest little lips and perfect little nose - she slept soundly on me for over an hour while we all caught up. Afterward, I did a little shopping - nothing exciting - just a few necessary things. Almost bought a gorgeous ring - but decided against it. My sister bought these fabulous green suede pointed-toe flats that i have to get next weekend. Saturday was a birthday dinner for a friend - but i passed instead and opted for sunday brunch - which i also ended up not attending. Sunday night was spent with rich on the phone - laughing and conspiring our next time together.

Work was crazy last week - but all is well today. Fielded the usual monday morning chaotic phone calls and once again fell into an easy rhythm.

I feel like i'm missing something - i don't know what it is - something in my personal life - or work life - and i can't remember... dammit. I wonder what it could be.

I'm having the most difficult time with Mother's day presents for my mom and sister...while i think i'm going to get H something from hermes - a scarf or a bracelet - i don't know what to get my mom. Christofle has these gorgeous hand-dipped silver sea shells - or maybe a vase... i just don't know. Any suggestions?

Must go - K