Monday, April 25, 2005

Happy Passover

Happy Passover to all.

It's been nice being home - i'm recovering from slight jet-lag - getting back into the swing of things here in SF - my morning and evening routines - seeing friends - doting over my nephews - planning my next trip to NY. While it's nice being home - i'm pulled in another direction - i miss NY - and rich (enormously) - and want to go back. Soon.

I passed on a quick trip to Tahoe this weekend in lieu of heading to Napa with my parents to spend passover and enjoy a seder with my sister, her husband and his family. I was so excited to see my nephews. I hadn't seen then since before i left for NY and was definitely missing them. I wore black pants, a white satin jacket and a pastel floral halter top that was tied back with pastel satin strings knotted at the end with beading (all from banana republic) - very pretty. My sister looked gorgeous - black suit - lavender cashmere sweater and a long double strand of crystal beads.

The seder was lovely - sammy sat next to me - was a little concerned that he was going to be called on to read - given that fact that he can't (he's only 4 - and while he knows some words - reading passages at a seder is a bit more advanced - even for a smart monkey like him). I assured him that he wouldn't be asked to read but gave him the task of turning the pages for me. The seder lasted about an hour and we then broke for dinner - my sister and i chatted for a bit - i finished bottle feeding the baby - who was completely awake - surprisingly - and happily pulling the satin strings tied around my neck holding my top up. After dinner we finished the seder and then had dessert. Around 10pm it was time for everyone to leave. We said our goodbyes - H and i planned dinner this week while her husband - M - is away on business - either tuesday or wednesday. I'll bring S's gifts from NY with me - he's very anxious to have that snow globe back in his possession. Luckily for him - he's getting not 1 - but 2 - to replace the first one i brought him back in february (thank you rich).

Sunday was very mellow - i did a little work at home - cleaned my house - unpacked and put away my clothes from my most recent trip - napped and talked to rich on and off throughout the day.

Time to go - much to do - i'll update later in the week...


Thursday, April 21, 2005

NY revisited

I'm back home after a wonderful 6 days in NY. We had such fun. I'll try to pick up from my last post which was us getting ready to meet friends at cafe Luxembourg. It was wonderful! The food was fantastic - had these tasty little artichokes with an olive tapenade to start and then chicken for dinner. It was great to see our friends! We left close to 1am and headed back to the hotel. Luckily, we were able to sleep in on Saturday before we headed down to SoHo. Lunch at Mercer Kitchen at 2pm and a star sighting (Robin Williams - just my luck - the one star i see is a local star to me! I see him all the time in SF) - 2 glasses of wine - a cocktail for rich and a delicious lunch was a great start to the day. We headed off to do a little shopping - louis vuitton - armani casa - banana republic - etc - stopped to check out some of the stuff the sidewalk sellers were offering (nothing of note) - and just genuinely enjoyed the day.

We initially stopped by louis vuitton because i wanted to pick up a darling pink vernis key case - unfortunately they were sold out. Sadly, we made our way upstairs - i was bummed out they didn't have the piece in stock - when we ran into the darling girl who always helps us when we come in and she ushered me over to the jewelry case. I've been loving this one ring they have - but when she showed me the earrings - i was floored. They were gorgeous! Long and dangling - white and yellow gold - tiny oblong pearls - and miniature charms matching the LV logo. I had to try them on. I knew i was in trouble when i tried on the first. I then put on the second and fell in love. They were perfect. They were art. I had to have them. Truly - they needed to come home with me. Oh dammit. They're entirely too expensive. So conflicted. I can handle spending thousands on art or something more tangible than earrings. But these are definitely an investment - i would have them forever. So we put them on hold. Rich thought i should get them - as did i - but i was having trouble with the cost - not financially - that wasn't an issue - it was the idea of spending that much on earrings. We nearly went back to pick them up - but instead decided to wait - sleep on it - and go back sunday. We spent the rest of the day - wandering in and out of stores - people watching and enjoying the day.

We headed back to the hotel around 7ish - i was very tired - and needed to nap. We had plans to go to sushi that night and then come back and watch a movie. The nap lasted a little longer than planned and by the time we were ready for dinner - we decided against sushi which opened the door for numerous possibilities. The thing that is wrong with numerous possibilities is that sometimes you can't narrow it down to a select few. We went back and forth - unable to decide. By the time we decided on mexican - all the places we wanted to go to were closed. So rich ended up picking up take out from smith & wollenski's. It was great. The movie, on the other hand, was a david lynch film, which essentially means bizarre and disjointed and confusing. Mulholland Drive was no exception. We both crashed and fell asleep in the middle.

Sunday we slept in again (yay) and then met his sister and her boyfriend for brunch after we checked out. Brunch was fun - great omelet. We all headed to a pet store after - they had 2 month old puppies - lhasa apsa's, shitsu's, and chihuahuas. The chihuahua was the most darling little thing i'd ever seen. She was chocolate brown with the sweetest little face and the most mellow demeanor. I held her for a while - as well as the shitsu. So darling. I almost bought that precious little chihuahua - half the price of those earring (HA!!). I really wanted her - she was adorable. I think i would have named her cocoa. Sweet. In the middle of all of this - the heel on my mule breaks and we decide to head back to the apt before going back to SoHo. So after the puppy handling - we head to rich's - and end up watching a movie rather than run back down to SoHo. The movie - 'who dares wins' - was fantastic. Old school drama/thriller with lots of amazing action scenes. We had 9pm reservations at balthazar - and it delivered as it usually does. A wonderful bottle of wine - french onion soup - escargot - skate and duck confit - the crowd was the usual - see and be see scene - and i think when we got there i had a b-list celeb sighting - rich couldn't confirm it was her - but i think we saw stephanie march who played the DA on law & order a few years back. She looked gorgeous. We took a walk after dinner - down broadway and then hailed a cab back to the apt.

Monday was back to work - lots of deals - but i ended up staying at the apt rather than go in - the construction wasn't complete and i'd get more work done without the fumes from the paint giving me a massive headache. I was looking for a place to plug my computer in - and the one i found gave me few seating options. So, while clearing off a chair to get to work, i hung up his jacket that was on the chair - which led me to hanging up other things - and then more and more - and suddenly - i'm organizing his apt. I completely thought he was going to be upset with me - i know men have a method to their madness - and i didn't want to disrupt that. But i couldn't stop - haha - by the time he got home - i had cleaned and organized his bathroom, living room and his bedroom. When he walked in - i was so hoping he would be happy with it. And he was. He was thrilled actually. We hung out for a bit and then went to dinner at york. It was wonderful - the windows were open because of the mini heat wave hitting NY - and we sat and laughed and had a wonderful dinner. No dessert for us - stuffed from dinner we headed home.

I was supposed to leave on tuesday - head back to SF - but i had several deals closing on wednesday that i wouldn't be able to cover off completely if i left mid-day on tuesday. So on tuesday morning - i made a quick call to my director - and let him know i would be prolonging my trip - no issues. I changed my flight - called rich and told him the news. I headed over to rich's office for lunch with his sister and dad - we went to the brooklyn diner. It was fun. Afterwards - i headed back to the office - to finish up the deals i was closing. I left around 5:30 - headed back to rich's - where we all piled in the car and went to pick up rich's mom. After getting dropped off at the apt - rich and i relaxed and made plans for dinner. Rosa Mexicana was awesome! Great food - fun ambiance - wonderful sangria. We sat next to 2 older couples who either had ties or lived in SF - i couldn't tell without obviously eavesdropping. But they definitely had a strong connection to SF - as they knew different areas (marina ((where i live)) - pacific heights - etc) i think maybe their children may have lived there. One thing i did pick up on was that one of their son in law's was just fired from his 6M a year job. Ouch.

Anyway - monday was quick - a little shopping - a little lunch - and a long goodbye to rich. I hate leaving. It's so tough. But every time i go - i know that more and more it's where i should be.

Have to go - dinner calls - meow - K

Friday, April 15, 2005

New York - day 1

I arrived last night - grabbed a cab at JFK and headed to the W New York - my suite wasn't quite ready - so they offered me free cocktails while they prepared my room. I met a very nice man - on the board of some bank - we chatted for a while - intermittently while i pestered rich to get to the hotel quickly. Finally my suite was ready - and i opened a split of red wine and relaxed - waiting for rich to arrive. I left a key at the front desk for him - so he wouldn't have to be bothered with calling up - and he keyed into my suite around 8pm. Saddled with his overnight bag and a beautiful bouquet of roses for me - he dropped his stuff in the living room 'area' and joined me in the bedroom. The rest is not going to discussed - private and amazing and splendid and incredible - as usual. We ordered room service - too tired to go out - sashimi - and some other nibbly things - and relaxed on the couch.

We got up this am - ready for the day - well - mildly ready for the day - i was exhausted and literally needed to be dragged out of bed. After bitching and bemoaning the fact that i actually have to get out of bed - we both get ready for work. I head to my office - which is in shambles - i'm one of only - maybe 5 - people there - that aren't construction workers. I get ushered to a conference room where i handle an inordinate amount of work in a very short amount of time - deal after deal - answered and 'cleared' off my plate. I call my dear friend - jim - who i haven't seen in at least a year - and tell him i'm in town and we need to cocktail. He emphatically agrees. We cut out early - 3ish - and head to a very cool - small bar in Hotel 41 - split a bottle of veuve cliquot champagne and catch up. Rich arrives shortly thereafter - we order another bottle - and some appetizers and spend the next few hours laughing and catching up and people watching. Jim - father of four - needs to head back to reality and his family waiting for him at home. Rich and i walk him to the train and then catch a cab back to the hotel. We're meeting friends for drinks and dinner later and intend to continue having entirely too much fun. Must go - rich is in the other room and i need to join him...

Until later - meow - K

Sunday, April 10, 2005

Heading back to NY

It's sunday evening and it's beautiful out - mid 70's in marin and 61 at my apt - i live 2 blocks off the water so it's normal for the ocean breeze to cool everything down. The weekend was mellow - hung out with my mom for a bit - went shopping - got some fabulous new things - a pair of sexy stilettos - a black slinky top - a white slinky top - my perfume - new lipsticks - among other things - oh - and a gorgeous honey colored velvet jacket - really beautiful. The rest of the weekend was spent relaxing and hanging out.

I'm heading to NY on thursday - can't wait. I've got several deals closing so i'll be working out of the NY office for part of the time that i'm there. Rich and i have our plans - mercer kitchen - balthazar - york - the met - the whitney - bergdorf goodman - takashimaya - louis vuitton - etc. NY has such an amazing energy to it - a palpable buzz - i think it either wears you out or invigorates you. There is so much i want to do when i'm there - i barely feel like we have enough hours in the day to do what we want - to go where we want - to see want we want - so we taxi all over the city - uptown - downtown - crosstown - capturing the day in its fullest - squeezing every minute - collecting memories along the way. This time we have together is the best - filled with laughter and food and wine and art and love and little luxuries - it's perfect - and simply cements what we already know.

It's tough not being in the same city - but there's a contentment in knowing how we feel about eachother - that certainty - and it eases our longing to be in the same city. At least for the time being - and i'm still focused on the fall as the move date.

So that's that. All is well - i'm supposed to go to a charity art auction this wednesday - but given that i have an early thursday am flight - i'm probably going to pass on that event. Oh well. Other than that - life is on course. No complaints. Yay me.

Must go - time to decide what to order for dinner - K

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

The Light and the Dark

The Light -

I'm on a 6 hour conf call today - 6 hours - can you imagine! Needless to say rich is entertaining me with text messages and IM's (thanks baby). All is well - the weekend was nice - spent saturday night taking care of my nephews while my sister and her husband went to dinner with friends. The baby is crawling now - and teething - so he was putting everything and anything in his mouth - my bracelets - my shoulder - the sleeve of my jacket - my knuckle (that was a favorite) - the remote control - his bunny - etc - all for mere seconds (except the knuckle and the bunny) - i'd pull something away and he's latch on to something else. God he's adorable. I think it's time for a burberry baby outfit :)

I'm heading to NY next week (yay) - can't wait - going to spend some time at the NY office and the rest of the time with rich. We'll definitely hit Soho again - maybe brunch at Mercer Kitchen - hit a few home stores - i'm really into buying stuff for my home these days - moreso than for wearing - i'm eyeing a new couch - a new coffee table - rich and i keep going back and forth with respect to what to do for a coffee table - i love the look of a large leather ottoman as a coffee table - rich doesn't 'love' it - so who knows. The new Series One collection at Pottery Barn - their higher-end furniture line has a gorgeous couch i'm going to get - and their coffee table is also nice - not sure yet. Also - the furniture at Wms Sonoma is amazing - gorgeous. So many choices. Must choose wisely...

We'll probably end up at Balthazar again - i can't help it - i love that place - the food is always amazing and we always have such a great time. We're doing sushi for sure one night - and maybe York another night. We'll go to the Whitney and probably the Met - do some shopping on Madison and 5th - hopefully get to see his sister and parents again as well - other than that - the only thing on the agenda is spending time together. I can't wait.

Yawn - this call is dragging. Is it bad that i'm shopping online while on this conf call? Is it bad that i'm oohing and aahing over the newest Gucci handbags rather than totally listening? Is is bad that i'm ordering yummy things for myself when i'm supposed to be actively participating in this discussion? Probably. Most likely. I should probably get back to the call. But i'd really rather not.


Ooh - it's winding down actually - a little early - i think people have actually just tuned out and aren't asking questions anymore. Not shocking. It was entirely too long. Okay - i have to pretend i've been listening and add some 'value' to the final minutes of the call. Wish me luck...

Meow - K

The Dark -

That big slobbering bastard who played "Big Pussy" on the Sopranos turned out to be just that - a ginormous pathetic blathering self-aggrandizing ego fueled pussy. He beat his girlfriend up on the streets of SoHo last weekend - and then drove off as she lay on the pavement. What a sweetheart. They were heading to her family's house - and were running late - so he took it upon himself to slap her around, slam her head into the dashboard and then - then - pull the car over on Mott Street to drag her out of the car by her HAIR and finish her off in front of by-standers. Nice. Class act that 'pussy'. And by class act i mean fat fuck.