Thursday, March 31, 2005

Rest in Peace

Terri Schaivo has passed - finally. It's simply so sad that this woman wasn't able to die with even 1 ounce of dignity. Her parents should be ashamed of themselves.

Rest in Peace.

Tuesday, March 29, 2005


Nothing terribly exciting to report - just the usual - still crazed at work - the weekend was really relaxing - didn't do much of anything except a little shopping and a mani/pedi - and spent some time with my parents.

I - joyfully - get to work from home on friday's now - fabulous! I called rich last friday afternoon teasing him with the fact that i was still in my nightie - after 1pm - lounging on my couch taking conf calls and wrapping up deals in my living room. Even though i was working all day - i still felt like i was playing hookie. Thank god i'm disciplined.

Heading to a wine tasting tonight at nectar - should be fun. I don't want to be out late - but i'll go - say hi to everyone and have a few tastes - i think we may be grabbing a little bite to eat afterwards - but i've already made it known that i want to be home by 9pm.

I'll talk about the wine tasting tomorrow...

Meow - K

Thursday, March 24, 2005


A group of us went to Myth last night for dinner. It was fabulous! It took over the space that used to house the restaurant MC2 - the disaster that Adi Dassler (adidas) poured money into for years - it had it's run - but it was so cold and austere that it never became a local favorite. The people behind Myth simply transformed this space - from uber-modern and stark to warm and lush.

While looking for parking - not an easy task at 6:30 and in that area - dilly calls and tells me that they're seated and waiting on me and 1 other. I give up on trying to find a place to park and hand my keys to the valet (so much easier...) - quick check in the mirror to make sure i look presentable - add a touch of gloss - head into the restaurant. I'm shocked - it's gorgeous. I poke my head around the corner - looking for my table - and the host comes up - asks me who i'm with - spots them and escorts me to my seat. Air kisses all around - a few quick hellos - and i'm seated.

Heidi is next to me and kevin and sirous are across from us - anna and sean are next to kevin - and dilly and leslie are next to heidi. There is only 1 spot open - at the head of the end of the table - and amy is making her way across town to join us. There are several bottles of wine on the table from the wineries we visited over the weekend. I settle in and begin looking at the menu - it's wonderful - everyone orders cocktails - but i pass and ask for a sparkling water with lime (so much more refreshing than lemon) instead. We decide on several appetizers - foie gras - escargot - and a delicious seafood timbale with avocado mousse - and by the time those arrive at the table - the cocktails are finished and the first round of wine is being poured.

Amy arrives shortly after the first glasses are poured - and settles in after her own hellos. Neither heidi nor i can decide between the salmon and the monkfish - both kevin and sirous are having the new york steak - someone is ordering the scallops - someone else the striped bass - another new york steak. More wine is poured and the talking resumes - the wine tasting trip - the hook-ups - the trip to the ski cabin planned for april - my trip to NY in the next few weeks - my impending move to NY in the fall - sirous buying an engagement ring for his girlfriend - and who was that hot, beautifully dressed woman - sitting all alone - in the booth across from us. There was a lot of back and forth - but it heated up when her date arrived - after 45 minutes of her sitting alone. He was older (my first assumption - he must have 'lots' of money) - well dressed - not handsome - but not unattractive - they were familiar but not overly affectionate - we couldn't decide whether she was a highly paid 'date' - or perhaps she was 'kept' - or if she was just a gold-digger - but the pair did not match up - and it was fairly obvious what each was getting out of the situation. Amy comes back from taking a call and sits down - gasps - and mouths to the table - 'oh my god - that's my CEO!' Amy works for one of the largest internet portal companies - i won't say who here or give any clues - because any clue would give it away. Sufficed to say - huge scandal. God i love a good scandal. Meow!

Entrees are eaten - the monkfish was phenomenal - heidi loved the salmon and both kevin and sirous ate every bit of their new york steak - everyone else loved their dishes as well. We go through the second bottle of wine with dinner and amy orders the third off the wine list. I've stopped at a glass and a half - i have my car at valet - and drinking and driving is absolutely not okay. At this point it's nearing 9pm - we've already been at the restaurant for nearly 3 hours - and we haven't even ordered dessert yet. Our plates are cleared and the dessert menus passed - and the table is deciding what to partake in - i'm pretty much done at this point - so i hand the waiter my visa and ask him to charge $70 for my portion of the bill. Perfect. Once the desserts and espressos land at our table - i'm out - make my round of the table - with hugs and kisses - and then head for the door. Once i'm behind the wheel and safely on my way - i call rich and tell him about the evening - such fun - gorgeous new space - great food - internet dalliance - and all the good gossip. Great night.

Can't wait to see everyone again - most likely this weekend - but definitely at a wine tasting event next tuesday at nectar lounge - featuring cantena winery - should be fabulous.

I finally get to meet my darling friend jax's tiny new bundle - born in january - cassidy rose - i'll spend some time with her on saturday before she and her husband head back to DC. I sent her a yummy cashmere baby blanket and matching sweater when she was born - and wanted to get her something else - and rich and i had this back and forth about a tiffany baby spoon - i think it's a gorgeous gift - something you'll have forever - that yes, may in fact end up in the bottom of a drawer or closet - but still gorgeous nonetheless. So we went back and forth several times - and i ultimately decided that something more baby friendly would be a better gift. I ended up at baby gap - and bought the most darling outfit and sleepy thing - a little white terry hoodie with matching terry shorts - and an adorable flowered onesie to go under it - as well as a pink sleepy outfit - entirely too cute - i have to admit - a much better choice than the spoon.

Time for me to go - deals to be dealt with - K

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Wine Tasting

On saturday - i got up at an ungodly hour for a weekend morning (8am) - and got ready for our day of wine tasting in Napa. A group of 20 of us - boarded a small bus with a cooler full of champagne, wine and beer - and headed north.

Our first stop was Ravenswood - known for their reds. We were led on a tour of the vineyard by the winemaker - and then headed inside to barrel taste (if you ever wine taste - make sure you get to taste from the barrels - it's truly the best way to taste wine - the flavor is incredible) - we gathered around the barrels - tried 5 different wines - 1 white - 4 reds - learned the history of the winery - met the winery's resident cat - who's meowing echoed through the caves - awesome - and generally had a great time. A catered lunch followed in the garden over-looking the valley on one side and the vineyard on the other - truly a beautiful spot. Several people opened some of the bottles they had just purchased and we toasted to a great day.

After lunch - with it starting to rain - we made our way back inside the winery - several people made some more purchases - and then we again boarded the bus. We were a little tipsy - just mildly at this point - everyone was in a great mood - chatting - pouring wine and champagne - handing filled glasses to the people in the rear of the bus.

We arrived at Tantalus - a small boutique winery about 15 minutes later. The winemaker of Ravenswood helped plant the vineyard at Tantalus so there was a nice connection - something very common in the valley - it's amazing how many wineries are connected - one way or another. Tantalus was great - it stopped raining as soon as we arrived so we were able to taste in the garden which sat at the base of a mountain. We tasted 5 or 6 wines - all fantastic - except for the white which i discreetly tossed in the bushes (not a fan of white wine - only white i like is Caymus Conundrum - i'll pass on everything else) . We tasted and learned about the winery - the wine maker - and then made our way back to the tasting room - Tony and Sonny manned the tasting bar while it seems like everyone made purchases. I bought 6 bottles - 3 of the tempranillo and 3 bottle of the old vine zinfandel - great fragrant reds - smooth with a lot of body. Tony bought a case - kevin and dilly both bought 6 - others bought in the same range. Tantalus was a hit! We drank and tasted more wines inside for another 20 minutes. No one wanted to leave - but we were late for our next and last winery - so we said our goodbyes - and made our way back to the bus. I think it would be safe to say that at this point - we were more than tipsy - we were drunk.

We arrived at cline 15 minutes later - we step off the bus - and head into a tented tasting area - very cool - sadly - not 'our' tasting area - instead - we are ushered across the property and into an old (but restored) train car. With a table set up in the middle - with a selection of crackers and cheeses - we're given glasses and poured a taste of white (ug) - we're then asked to follow our tour guide - who definitely seemed overwhelmed by all of us - to another barrel room. We try several more wines - and 'listen' to his history of the winery - but at this point - we were going in 10 different directions - and i think he may have given up. We went back to the train car - opened several bottles - late harvest mourvedre - ancient vines zinfandel - syrah. We then - after pillaging the train car of the unopened bottles we liked (thank god chanel makes large purses ;) ) - went to the main tasting room and harangued our beleaguered host for more tastes. Poor dear man.

After a few surprising wine induced hook ups - oh my! - lots of pictures and purchases - we're herded back to the bus - on our way back to kevin and dilly's apartment for an impromptu 'after party'. It was a fabulous day - so much fun - and we're planning to do it again soon. Dinner tomorrow night at Myth with several of the people who went on the tasting - i'm sure the stories will be making the rounds....

Back to work for me - meow - K

Birthday presents

The last 2 weeks have been so hectic...barely able to catch my breath - thankfully this week isn't as bad - still major deadlines (my own personal march madness) - but rather than juggling 9 deals - i've put those 9 to bed and am now juggling only 5 new ones. I'll be so happy when it's april.

I'll just highlight the most important thing that happened over the last week which was rich's birthday last thursday. I knew i wanted to get rich a few things for his birthday - we'd gone shopping in Soho during my last trip and spied a lovely louis vuitton monogram glace leather key case - really handsome - understated - doesn't scream LV - but it's very elegant - there was also a stunning louis vuitton ink pen with black crocodile casing - amazingly beautiful - but at $1000 - a bit more than i wanted to spend. So i made a mental note of key case as an option for his birthday....

Went to a favorite store (men's) on chestnut - Jack's - and got him a great lacoste oxford - traditional - but lacoste is so hot now - it's a great hip addition to his wardrobe. I also purchased a very cool shirt by 7 diamonds - hip sort of retro print - really fun. Found a lovely black croc embossed leather frame and added one of the pictures we took in NY to it - along with the CD of all the pics from the monday in central park viewing the gates. I finally secured the key case as well - tracking one down relatively close to me (they're sold out everywhere) - and rushed to make that purchase and send his birthday care package on its way.

I had to bite my tongue for all of wednesday and thursday - i so wanted to tell him! I'm terrible at keeping secrets - but i really wanted it to be a surprise - so i forced myself. Thursday came and i wished him happiness love and success and tried to surprise him with a special dessert where he and his sister were having lunch - but the restaurant had already taken care of that - the benefits of being regulars ;) - when he got home - he called - having already opened the package i sent and was discovering all the treats. He was so surprised - he thought i was going to wait until i came to NY - or just send a card - so not me - birthday's mean shopping and i think we all know where i stand on that topic.

He loved the shirts (knew it) - loved the frame and all the pictures - loved the silly cigar bar baseball hat i got him - and chastised me on the key case - haha. I just kept telling him 'just say thank you baby' - and after a few more rounds of you shouldn't have - of course i should have - he finally said 'thank you baby'.

You're so very welcome honey.

Thursday, March 17, 2005

Happy Birthday


Sweetie - I hope this year is everything you want it to be - wishing you all the love, success and happiness you deserve - may all your dreams and all that you desire be within your grasp.

I love you madly - Kaia

Monday, March 14, 2005

Organized chaos

I haven't posted in some time - last week was hellish at work - end of quarter so all the sales executives are getting their deals in - which in turn means i'm working my ass off making sure what they present to the clients will win the business. No small task. Friday night i was so exhausted - i think i went to bed around 9:30pm...

I did manage to go to a charity cocktail party on wednesday night - at Shreve's - an amazing jewelry store - similar to Tiffany's - but it's locally owned. The cocktail party was fun - saw lots of girls i hadn't seen in ages - nibbled on some passed hors d'oeurves and sipped a glass of champagne while i perused the silent auction offerings. I bid on a half case of Chateau Potelle 1999 VSG Cabernet - completely undervalued at my bid of $100 (yay) - and then admired all the gorgeous baubles on display - tried on several necklaces - and then chatted with charity ball chair. The auction was ending so i made my way back to the area to check on my bid - and hello - i'm still the leading bid - fabulous! Suddenly - some girl in a dumpy dress squeaks an 'excuse me please' and squeezes in between me and my bid - just as Marni is collecting the bid sheets - she writes her name and out bids me by $10 dollars. She then turns and smiles at me - and squeaks another 'excuse me please' and disappears. I'm dumb-founded. Who was that? Who let her in? Why would she wear that dress? Was she actually wearing suntan pantyhose? Do they still make suntan pantyhose? Gia breaks my train of thought by asking if i won my wine to which i quickly respond - no, some little twit outbid me - she pouts for me and we both move up to the front to wait for the chairty ball chair to announce the numbers for the $5,000 diamond ring Shreve's was giving away.

5 (yes!)
7 (yes!)
5 (yes!!)
6 (YES!)
9 (YES!!!!)
8 (noooooooooooooo)

Gia lets out a shocked squeal and jumps up and down waving her ticket in the air.

She deserves it - i would have sold it - it looked estate-ish and that's not the style i like. So i give a round of air kisses to my dear friends and rush out the door to hail a cab and call rich. I bore him with the highlights of the evening - some bitch got my wine - the girls aren't as pretty as when i was in the group - Gia won the ring - air kisses - etc...

The rest of the week was basically me working, eating and sleeping - it was exhausting.

On saturday, my dad and i took my 4 year old nephew sammy to the USS Hornet - an aircraft carrier docked in Alameda - it was actually very cool - sammy wore his flight suit - decorated with real military patches from my dad's service in the marines - my dad wore his flight jacket - and we cruised around the hanger deck looking in old fighter planes - tomcats - helicopters - bombers - etc - we then went up to the flight deck and sammy and i pretended to repair the F-11 while my dad talked shop with the docents (the docents were made up primarily of men who had served on the USS Hornet when it was active) - we then took a tour of the air tower and made our way back down to the hanger deck. All the docents couldn't get enough of sammy - and they actually opened up one of the cockpits and allowed him to sit in the front seat - pretty awesome - and i've got the most darling picture of him smiling with his arm out the side of the cockpit giving me the 'thumbs up' signal. After a few purchases in the gift shop and a few more pictures of him standing next to the various planes we headed back to my sister's house. I made a quick retreat home to power nap as i had to head back there in a few short hours to babysit saturday night. It was a long day after a long week - and i fell into bed on saturday night - barely moving from the position i fell asleep in when i woke on sunday.

Sunday was easy - no agenda except to buy a new phone for my house - took rich with me (via cell) and shopped the various options at best buy. Bought what i needed - went grocery shopping - bought flowers - came home - cleaned - showered - relaxed - and talked to rich.

This week is looking like last week - to a lesser degree. I shouldn't be as crazed - hopefully.

All else is well - rich makes me happier beyond words and there's a calmness in my heart when i speak to him. I'm such a lucky girl. It's his birthday this week - weighing my options on a few choice presents...i'd divulge what they are here - but knowing he stops by on occasion - i wouldn't want to spoil the surprise. So i'll keep the secret until friday - or as long as i can...

Meow - K

Monday, March 07, 2005

The weekend summary

The weekend was very relaxing - did everything i wanted to do - with no agenda (except for shopping - but i'll get to that in a minute) - and no real plan other than to relax. Last week was very long - extremely busy - and rather pressure-filled - so the weekend was a nice and needed respite.

Friday night was quiet - got home a little later than usual after stopping at the grocery store - came home - changed into comfy clothes and wound down by talking to rich on the phone and flipping channels.

Saturday was an early rise with shopping on the agenda - picked the girls up - and headed to our secret shop. We got there a little early - hit the cafe across the street for a quick cup of coffee (the girls) and tea (me) - by the time we finished our drinks - the doors had opened and the store was already teeming with women (and men) looking for that fabulous deal.

It was so amazing - there were so many beautiful things - jackets - tops - skirts - dresses - purses and tons of could i narrow it down? Having gone through this enough - i know to start at one end and make my way to the other - although i did do a quick lap through the store to make sure that i wasn't passing up any major finds and leaving them to another girl to covet. I immediately snagged a pair of crystal adorned dolce & gabbana stilettos - gorgeous - then a pair of perfect manolo blahnik black heels - and a sexy pair of dior mules - all at a fraction of their original price. Meow.

I then moved on to more practical things - a giorgio armani blouse - a fitted donna karan long jacket - some darling rebecca beeson t-shirts - and an amazing - totally gorgeous yves saint laurent dress - for only $78!! I also picked up a darling pair a prada pumps - sort of spectator-ish - but sexy with a kitten heel and a pointed toe.

My sister called - wanted me to check to see if there were any shoes for her - i told her there was nothing of note in her size - and the things i did mention to her - she passed on...

We all pile into the dressing room - trading clothes - cooing over eachothers finds - swapping shoes and accessories - trying to figure out what to buy and what to put back. We make a few decisions - dress - and head back out. I head straight to the cashmere wraps and handbags - fendi - suede prada - jane fox - badgley mischka - chanel and a stunning yves saint laurent cigarette case that i would use for a purse. I narrow my choices down - grab a pair of jimmy choo sandles and a dior jacket and head back to the dressing room.

Rachel's already there - and looks incredible - truly - in the yves saint laurent dress i found - so i tell her she should buy it - i toss the D&G stiletto's to her - and the outfit is complete. Amazing. The outfit - at neiman's would be around $3000 - she bought it for under $200.

I decide on the armani blouse - the rebecca beeson t-shirts - the prada heels - the manolo heels - and a loro piana cashmere wrap - for under $300. Not bad - i'm very happy - and so are the other girls. They came away with more cashmere - dior mules - a prada bag - a fendi tote - a dior suit - and some other delicious things...

All in all - it was perfect - so needed - it couldn't have been better.

After shopping on Saturday - i started getting a headache - and by the time i got home - i had to lay down - my right temple was pounding. I took two advil - changed back into my comfy clothes and relaxed on the couch. I called rich and he told me to take a nap - he was going out to dinner with friends - so i decided a nap was best. I woke a little over an hour later - not much better - and spent the night on the couch. After going to bed early - i woke around 3am and couldn't get back to sleep - on a whim - i called rich - who - surprisingly was up - we chatted for a bit - and within a half hour - i fell back asleep...

Sunday was spent around the house - cleaning - doing laundry and relaxing - the headache was gone - but i didn't want to push it. Rich and i spent the evening on the phone - laughing and talking...i fell asleep with his voice in my ear. A great weekend - besides the headache - it was exactly what i needed.

Friday, March 04, 2005

Needing my fix

I'm in dire need of some retail therapy. So, thankfully - one of my favorite stores (name to be withheld due to the fact that it's a semi-secret among those in the know and i don't like to share my fabulous finds with the masses) is having a huge sale - starting saturday. Now - this top secret super sexy shop stocks all the current and last season over-runs from Bergdorf Goodman's - Barney's - Bendel - etc - so the clothes are massively discounted - and then add another 30% off and i'm in Mecca.

It starts Saturday - early - like 9am - and there is literally a line of fashionistas around the block - clamoring to get it - get that gorgeous Galliano gown at 80% off - that chic Chanel suit for near to nothing - that Donna Karan cashmere top coat for what it would cost to buy dinner at Nobu - that darling Jane Fox tote for the cost of a round of cocktails. God i love Jane Fox - her bags are just so fabulous.

Some of the fabulous finds - and unfortunate misses:

Sexiest Balenciaga top - black silk - backless - basically frontless too - barely covers what it needs to - but still looks amazingly elegant (albeit unbelievably sexy) when paired with a black chic suit - or - as i did over the holidays - a fitted white satin jacket ... i think this top - originally around $6oo - i bought for $30.

Loro Piana cashmere wrap - one of her fall/winter patterned wraps - gorgeous - warm chocolate browns - dark greens - creams - and subtle shades of reds - i bought it for my mom for christmas - it's so yummy - i think like 6 ply of the lightest airiest cashmere you can ever bundle up in - a paltry $69 - and when i went to neiman's that afternoon - to finish my shopping - there it was - on 'sale' - for over $950. Fabulous find.

Judith Leiber crystal clutch - so incredibly gorgeous - a rounded rectangle of multi-colored crystals - in a spring time floral pattern of pastels - seriously beautiful - and you know her handbags start around $1200 - the one i was coveting had the price tag - from Bergdorf Goodman still attached - $2400 - and the price was reduced to $245 - it did have several crystals missing - but i had to have it - i would just send it back to judith leiber for repair. Well, i set if down for a minute to fix my then boyfriend's collar (he became a fan of their men's shop) and this Bitch - swiped it from me! i turned around - it was gone and she was at the register paying for it. I hate her. My favorite lieber clutch - currently - is her 'nocturnal bloom minaudiere' - stunning - check it out at

John Galliano white silk gown - incredibly beautiful - perfect - over $2000 - down to a mere $200 something - i was trying to get my dear girlfriend jax to buy it - and it fit her like custom couture - like it was made for her - but she passed on it - bought a prada bag instead. The dress is in the movie 'the anniversary party' - great movie if you haven't seen it - a character in the movie puts it on...much to the shock of jennifer jason leigh (lead with alan cummings playing her husband) - really, go rent the movie if you haven't seen's just so good.

Donna Karan black sequined backless top - gorgeous - very flirty - and the sequins are squares which i think is very cool - it ties in the back with the thinest black satin cord - so sexy. I've worn that top to several events - and many nights out...i think it was around $30 down from $350.

Gucci caramel colored leather jackie-o bag - perfect condition - total classic - piston closure - silver hardware - love that bag - i think i paid $75 or $100 - down from probably $800.

So it's simply the best kept secret ever - and i'm so excited to go - trust me - it's the only thing that is going to get me up and out of bed at 8am on a saturday - especially after a week like this...


Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Misinformation overload

Laughing my ass off today after a Sales Executive sent me a document - content to be delivered to the customer that i wanted to look over - and it had so many spelling and grammar errors in it that my spell check gave up. Literally. It gave up checking. A screen popped up - stating the fact that there were too many spelling and grammar errors to continue with the document. Hysterical. I didn't even know that could happen. God that was brilliant.

I spel gud.


Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Oscar Recap

I really didn't watch - it just wasn't compelling this year - and from what i saw - it was one of the least interesting (fashion and otherwise) Oscar awards ceremonies that i can recall. However - i did catch some of the fashion - and have to give my 2 cents...

Hilary Swank - horrible - awful - she's already won 2 Oscars for portraying men - she should just wear pants at this point. That dress was dreadful.

Charlize Theron - pure perfection - as usual - she's entirely too glam for her own good.

Cate Blanchett - fabulous - gorgeous hair - gorgeous dress.

Kate Winslet - equally as fabulous - she looks amazing - and that color was lovely on her.

Laura Linney - eh - not thrilled - the color washed her out - and her hair looked unwashed.

Robin Willams - heinous. Period.

Renee Zellweger - she's so tired - same pout - same dress - we've seen her in this look for how many awards shows now...

Salma Hayek - anyone with hips should never ever wear one of those 'mermaid' dresses - even if it was a custom prada - it looked like a mexican prom dress.

Beyonce - please see the above mention of the 'mermaid' dress.

Scarlett Johansson - terrible - wretched hair. Terrible.

Natalie Portman - fabulous and stylish beyond her years.

Penelope Cruz - gorgeous dress - horrid hair - completely overpowered her tiny features.

Melanie Griffith - tacky - looks like she borrowed something from Cher's closet in 1986. And enough with the plasitc surgery already - good lord.

Giselle Bundchen - with that body - why would you walk out of the house looking like you wrapped a towel around yourself - sure - it's Dior - but there's not even a hint of a shape to it.

Johnny Depp and his wife/girlfriend (not sure) - both awful - unkept - I know you're 'french' now Johnny - but the french actually have a sense of style...try to keep up.

Kirsten Dunst - very chic.

Halle Berry - gorgeous.

The woman up for best actor - not sure her name - i think she's spanish - stunning - i love a sleek ponytail - there is something very sophisticated about it.

Julia Roberts amazing - glowing - beautiful - bravo.

Gwyneth Paltrow - my personal fashion icon - sadly - didn't deliver as i hoped - interesting dress - but the color washed her out - and her hair - it would have been pretty swept up.

All in all - fairly disappointing fashion-wise - I can only imagine how many stylists are now hitting the pavement looking for new clients after the disasters they sent down the red carpet. I've chaired gala events - i've worn the gowns - it's really not that hard to look good - it just amazes me that so many looked so bad.