Monday, March 27, 2006

Big Apple

I'm in NY - having an amazing time - slammed with work but having fun too - dinners out - cocktails with friends - a little shopping - a little birthday karaoke - and massive much needed time with rich.

More later - K

Monday, March 13, 2006

It's a motherfucking walk-off!

Project Runway ended with a fizzle. Chloe won with her tribute to 1980's prom attire. The colors - the fabrics - the style - it was all pretty awful. But for some reason - the judges loved her. I think Santino got robbed - his collection was sick! The Burgundy leather knickers with the champagne colored wisp of a top - so sexy - the ethereal dresses - the colors - the fabrics - his clothes begged to be touched. Chloe's begged for the costume desginer for Dynasty to raid her collection. Awful. I was iffy on Daniel's collection - while some of his pieces were stunning - i didn't like the medallion on the front of the chocolate brown silk dress - it was unnecessary. I thought his slacks/sweater/shortsleeved shirt ensembles were boring except for the one with the low cut corset vest - that was very sexy. I thought the brocade jacket was stunning as was the white cashmere coat with matte silver buttons. Gorgeous. I like his pale pale pale aqua wrap sweater with satin trim. His handbags did have a bit of high school wood shop to them - but i liked what they added to the pieces.

All in all - i would have given Santino the top prize - then Daniel and lastly, Chloe. I keep trying to see what they saw in her collection and i simply can't. I thought it was garish and dated. And - AND - who wears mermaid dresses?? WHO?? No one, that's who! Who wears fuschia damask and gold lame? She designed a line of truly hideous mother of the bride dresses - with matchy matchy shrugs. Awful.

Also - Debra Messing - while fabulous in her own right - and always fantasically dressed on Will & Grace - i would hardly consider her a fashion icon. I have no idea why she would have been the final guest judge. Sarah Jessica Parker - Sharon Stone - Selma Blair - Kate Moss - so many others who are known for their fashion sense - the innateness of their style - Kate Beckinsale - Gwenyth Paltrow - Nicole Ritchie - etc - there are so many others - i don't know why - and they didn't explain why either - they chose Debra.

I was so disappointed. My sister and i talked at each commercial - critiquing each collection - calling out certain pieces - fawning over others. We both agreed that Santino should have won. We thought Chloe's was terrible - that Daniel's needed more cohesion. Santino hit the mark. We hung up after the show - baffled. Annoyed. Let down.

So be it - the fashion god's weren't smiling upon us that day. Cannot wait for next season - hopefully it will be as good as this one has been. Or at least as good as this one until Chloe won.

Make it work!


Side note - the new show - Top Chef - - their house is like 2 blocks from my apt :) excited to finally have a reality show based in SF. Watched the fist episode last night - it was awesome! One thing about chef's - they're assholes mostly - perfectionists - temperamental - arrogant - demanding and as such - this should make for amazing reality tv!

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Project Runway

My pick for tonight's finale of Project Runway is...

Santino Rice

Yes - he's crazy and arrogant and at times a complete mess - but i think - with respect to a collection - and from what i've seen of his final runway collection - it's better than both Chloe and Daniel. I totally respect someone who says what is on their mind - even if (especially if) it's snarky and off the cuff - and if Santino is anything - he's that guy. He's also hysterically funny - which is a big plus in my book.

While Daniel might be a better designer - with more wearable pieces - his collection wasn't awe inspiring. Santino's was.

So that's my pick - we'll see tonight if i'm right.

Ciao - K

ps - i still think Nick should have won.

Friday, March 03, 2006


I need to get something off my chest. I have no idea why this has bothered me so much lately, but it has - and i think it's time i address it. It's the damn Geico gecko. I've noticed something of late - he's got a heavy cockney accent - like he's from the dodgey end of town.

When he first appeared in these commercials - he had a rather high class british accent - drove a classic red convertible and had quite a way with the ladies. He was the james bond of the amphibian jet set.

Now, he's talking about pie and chips and, frankly, should be auditioning for a coveted role in a Guy Ritchie film. I suppose this is to appeal to the masses - but making him more accessible - more likeable - but i kind of equate this to swapping out the Darren's on Bewitched - it's unsettling. Did they think we wouldn't notice?