Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Merry Christmas

Meow - xx - K

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Every little bit helps...

Do your part to help end world hunger, and find a new game to become addicted to:


Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Odds and Ends

I don't know why I tend post when I'm stressed and PMSing - but i always end up teary at some movie i happen to come across while channel surfing - last time, regrettably it was Dirty Dancing - the end dance sequence. Absolutely mortifying to admit, but yes, i sat on my couch and wiped tears away as Baby and Johnny danced together on stage. Today it was Love Actually. At least it was a fairly decent movie. It's not the stereotypical fare that for some reason brings me to tears - like "Independence Day". Can you imagine! Sadly, that's true. I cried watching Independence Day. Shoulders heaving, muffled sobs so not to wake Rich who was sleeping on the couch.

A resounding yes, to those that have inquired, i braved the HS Reunion several weeks ago. Chic black suit - had my hair cut and blown out - YSL bag - Dior stilettos. It was surreal. I literally didn't recognize people. Like had NO CLUE who they were. A lot of bad hair and odd clothing choices. Tons of baby pictures, baby blabber. Lots of people referring to me as the 'tennis girl'. There were a few people who it was actually good to see. I reconnected to 2 girls which was nice. We're going to go for cocktails when i get back from NY. So, not a total loss.

I've got a ton of stuff going on with the museums - gallery parties - a huge event for annie leibovitz, dale chihuly, a lecture series. Learned something interesting about Dale Chihuly - he hasn't blown glass since the early 70s. He injured his eye in a glass blowing accident and has no depth perception. I was shocked. His pieces - his NEW pieces signed by him - sell for thousands of dollars - 10s of 1000s of dollars. Yet, despite the sky high prices of his coveted work, he hasn't actually created anything in over 35 years. It just doesn't sit well with me. I've been a huge fan of his work, and now, it doesn't feel the same to me. All the while, some artists, and i do mean Artists, such as Bansky aren't truly recognized for their work. Which, mind you, is freaking genius.

If you don't know about Bansky, this link is the best way to familiarize yourself with his guerilla tactics and amazing work. He's someone i would love to have dinner with!


That's all from me - have to get back to work - enough procrastination for the day

xx K

Friday, September 14, 2007

High School Reunion

I've never understood those people who wish they could go back to high school. It's where they peaked i suppose - although i think we'd all like to relive the times where we felt like we were at the top of our game. But high school?
A 3 day extravaganza has been planned by several self-appointed 'reunion committee' members for this weekend. Tonight is cocktails - tomorrow is dinner and drinks - and then a picnic on sunday. I only intend on going tomorrow night - if at all...
I went to our HS reunion website - logged in - jotted down my accomplishments, so to speak, in the required form and then perused the listing of my classmates who had done the same. Um. wow. Married. Every single one of them. Every. Single. One. WTF!!
Have you ever been happily walking along - looking fabulous - and suddenly your freaking stiletto snaps? Or gets snagged in one of the crooks or cobblestones in SoHo and you're jarred out of your blissful existence? Well that evil website did exactly that to me. It made me audit my life - what i've done - where i've been - who i am. Why should i compare myself to people i never really enjoyed having to know in the first place? Why should i look at my life and feel like somewhere along the lines i took a left when i should have taken a right?
I went to my 10th and it was exactly like HS except we were all 10 years older - the same cliques - the same jocks - the same everything. Most of them went to college together - moved back home - and trudged through their daily existence with frightening normalcy and to me - complacency. Didn't they want more?? How could they be satisfied with what everyone i know would consider banal mediocrity?
I don't regret the decisions i've made - the opportunities i've created for myself. THESE are my glory days - not those four that i endured from 13-17 in the confines of locker-lined hallways. I've planned amazing fashion shows, partied with princes, sipped cocktails on white sand beaches - i've had incredible experiences - and yet i always want more - and more - and then more again. It's like my handbag and stiletto addiction, except with life.
I'm still on the fence - still unsure i'm actually going to go - however, i do have an appt for my hair tomorrow and i self- tanned today (does anyone have a good self-tanner that doesn't have that wicked smell to it post-application?). I'm brown now - sun kissed - and tomorrow i'll be infused with mock confidence to face those i've strived so hard to distinguish myself away from. I'll surround myself with my armour - gucci, dior, chanel and YSL - and glide into that hotel with the knowledge of who i am now, not who i was then.
It's not like i've got enough stress in my life - i closed 3 huge deals this week - am PMSing like a mofo (stumbled upon and then subsequently cried at the end of Dirty Dancing this morning - don't ask - it's embarrassing enough that i shared that) - am dealing with Museum Board drama - and numerous other things. Add this Reunion and life audit to the mix and, well, i haven't been that nice to be around.
I just need to get through the next few days - and i'll be back to my normal vain, non-self-doubting, confident self.
Bloody hell


Harrods' in London hired interesting security to guard a pair of $120,000 Rene Caovilla ruby, sapphire, and diamond-embellished stiletto's - an Egyptian Cobra. I'd be interested in knowing exactly how you're supposed to try them on as i highly doubt one of the hourly waged associates at Harrods' would risk life and limb to retrieve them for a potential buyer. Might be fun to watch them try though...

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Open forum or Voyeurism

I haven't written in forever. I just audited my blog and i've only written 6 times this year. I used to be so prolific - writing all the time - updating with even the tiniest things - a small purchase, a good dinner with friends, a preview of an upcoming trip - anything. Lately not so much. I don't know - perhaps i don't have much to say. I've contemplated shutting the Water Princess down - i've contemplated making it private so i could be a bit more open about my life and keep this more as an online diary rather than an open forum, so to speak, into the generality of my life.

Maybe i'll start another blog anonymously and put all that stuff there. No one will know - i'll change the names to keep the innocent, and no so innocent, safe and just write. Open up and write.

I will say this - i have sitemeter - anyone who writes a blog has one thing or another that tracks who comes to your blog - where they are from - how long they stayed - how many pages they viewed and how they arrived at your blog - either from another blog, a google search of something obscure, or a specific search for you. It kind of creeps me out when it's a specific search for me. This happened on Tuesday - someone in Sunnyvale specifically searched for me - using google - and stayed on my site for 9 minutes. In addition to my name, they used another search word which let me know where they saw me first. It's these random anonymous yet specific searches that bother me. This is one of the reasons i'm considering pulling this site. While it's a chronicle of my life - it's also a chronicle of my LIFE.

There are times when i want to be so brutally honest it hurts. But i can't - for varying reasons. It's the openness that i'm longing for - but how am i to do that while maintaining some semblance of anonymity. Nearly impossible. So - I have two options - no, three options - close down Water Princes, keep Water Princess open yet open another blog, anonymously and write to my hearts content, or lastly, throw the doors to my life wide open here and reveal it all.

Something to ponder. Suggestions or comments would be appreciated.

xx - K

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Long Time No Write

So i haven't written in literally ages. Lots has been going on. Work has been ridiculous and i just got back from a conference in Savannah, GA. Interesting city. Supposedly the most haunted city in the country - and we did one of those 'haunted' tours except it was a pub crawl so what we ended up doing was basically going from bar to bar and listening to our 'tour guide' (i'll use that title liberally) give us the haunted histories of each place. I tuned out after the 2nd bar - and was trying to figure my escape until we came upon the park from the movie Forrest Gump and that held my attention momentarily as she pointed to the church steeple from where the feather in the movie falls from. Unfortunately, the bench he sits on with the chocolates was removed and put in the Savannah Musuem. We also went to Paula Deen's restaurant "the Lady & Sons" and while i'm a fan of hers from the food network, her restaurant was disappointing. It was a fun dinner with the 'team' - but other than that that, i could have done with out the mass frying of everything on the menu - AND - i ordered the healthiest item on the menu and yet it too came with artery clogging 'crab butter'. The whole week was like a fried food convention - shudder just thinking about it.

I was elected president of the board of directors i sit on for the fine arts museums. The election got UGLY. I won't go into much here - let's just say i took the high road and it was the hardest thing i've done in a long time given the piles of BS the current president was spewing in my direction. I really can't say anymore - it isn't worth the emotional energy. But we've got some amazing exhibits coming up and i have some fantastic things planned for the museums this year and for our organization. I'll keep you posted. Speaking of amazing things - the party for the vivienne westwood exhibit was AMAZING. SO much fun - we sold out and then sold out again - don't ask me how that happened - but it did - and it was bigger than the reopening of the de Young museum - it was over 2,600 people with almost 300 in VIP. My parents came - and my dad took the best picture with a pair of drag queens. Mind you, my dad is fairly straight laced and i absolutely adore the picture because he looks like he's having the best time. I'd post it here - but feel odd about posting a picture of my dad - so instead - i'll post the picture of me and Santino - who, i initially asked to design my dress and be a part of the Honorary Fashion Committee, has turned into a dear friend and was one of the most genuine, funny, down to earth and wonderful people i've met in a long time. It was great to spend time with him and i look forward to spending time with him again soon.

I finally got a new couch - the "Seabury' collection from pottery barn - both the couch and matching
chair should be arriving sometime in late july. I'm in love with it. I was going to go for the 'lavish velvet' - but ended up with a beautiful beige on ivory herringbone which i think is really gorgeous. I also bought a 32'' flat screen tv. Minor upgrades to my life - but needed.

Heading to NY in a few weeks - so looking forward to it. Rich and i need some time together - it's reconnect time. I'm really looking forward to spending some time in soho - heading to mercer for lunch and cocktails, dinner at Balthazar, drinks at the private park in the Hudson, shopping everywhere. My favorite girl at louis vuitton moved over to gucci - so i'll have to head over there to see her and see if she has anything i need to covet and then acquire :) My loyalty will always lay with LV, but a girl can't go wrong with gucci!

Have to run - cable guy is here to set my new tv up with HD/DVR and test my wireless router.

For those who come by regularly, thanks for hanging in there during my absence - i'll try to be more proactive about updating my little slice of the internet.

XX - K

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Don't come crying to me

Go for the impossible and try to get through this quiz - let me know your highest score - and trust me - NOT easy...

Enjoy :)

xx - K

Tuesday, February 27, 2007


I've been off the radar because i'm chairing this massive fashion event in SF - it's happening this Saturday and every second has been taken up with last minute details - conf calls - donations and more.

For those in the know here's a hint - a tiny clue - of which iconic and legendary fashion desginer is being honored:

Any guesses - let's hear them. Good luck fashionista's - meow - K

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Hey Good Lookin'

There are times in a girl's life when she needs to do a deep dive into the dating abyss. That being said, a few notes before i continue: 1. i have a boyfriend. 2. we met - yikes - off a dating site. 3. we're still on said dating site as a means to stay in contact with friends. It has a chat function which at it's best is hysterically entertaining - and at it's worst is a microscopic look into the truly destructive, narcissistic, delusional, unbalanced and unflinchingly pathetic lives of the lonely. Mind you, there are some great, grounded, sharp-witted, emotionally mature and strikingly 'normal' people on this site - and then there are the men who contact me. My deep dive is digging through my Jdate 'inbox' to glean the hidden gems that i've tucked away for a cold wintery day - hidden gems that hopefully will entertain you as much as they do me.

These are all verbatim emails/messages that i've received - no changes to the content whatsoever other than removing their names - the rest of the glorious mess is all their own.

Suitor 1

Hello, I am X. I am into creating with my hands in art. Do you like dogs? Do like artist? Do you like to walk along the the beach at sunset and in hand? Have you ever bin into showing dogs? Do you like to work with clay? Are you an artistic person as wel as me? Have you ever bin to Jappan? Doyou like to coook or bake? What kinde of music do you like? Have you ever tryed Karoaky? Doyou like to sing? Do you play any musical instriments

Suitor 2

hey, i just wanted to drop a line, my name is X and i live in north carolina, my friend lives in san francisco. he is chinese, of course. i hope you are good.

Suitor 3

hello mam are u there rteally wanna chat with u you very cute hello please i wanna meet with you beatiful angel cant wait to hear from u hello dear are u there please chat with me hello dear please cum onlie chat with me

Suitor 4

hi angel

I saw your profile and it's very nice,attractive and wonderful..your beauty added by the picture makes it more loving.what really made me come on was my friend that met and marry his wife on here.it really gave me strenght to carry on that i will find my better half.what i need is a loving,caring,affectionate,tr uthful,respectful woman.who will not take me for granted no matter what circumstances comes our way..who is ready to love me for me .i'm very lonely.tell me what you really want on here,and tell me the attribute of your dream man.lot of flowers..

Regards, your secret admirer

Suitor 5

helo how are u doin,can we chat via yahoo.i love ur profile can u pls add me to ur yahoo msg. i want a perfect nice god fearing and reservelady who will love and always be there for me.and also want a qute mart girl.. i was in love with a girl who live in uk but later we decided to quit when i get to know that she was playing on my intetligent. i was broke up cos i was not ready for love then and i fell in love wit ba wrong girl who was cheating and playing my inteligent. I want a monday who is alreday inlove before and who can take care of a man very well. Hoping to chat with u soon.

Suitor 6

Yu speke frenchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh hhhh oh lala. hi

Suitor 7

hey, are you just fall from the sky? :) - just to let you know this is 'Earth' not Venus. however, you are highly 'Welcome' here -- regards X

Aren't i lucky! Can you feel the swoon?

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Round 2

I made it!!

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Despite my best efforts...

I missed my flight

Shopping and Chaos

I'm heading back to SF today. The time is never enough when I'm in NY - cabbing back from Soho yesterday weighed down by my last shopping extravaganza (gucci, marc jacobs, hermes, dior) - i was a bit wistful. Leaving is never easy. Leaving Rich is anything but.

He's a bit sick right now - but happily and sniffily went to dinner last night with our dear friends Matt and Jeremy. Balthazar delivered as usual - amazing french onion soup - escargot - grilled Skate - Steak au poivre - and a delicious bottle of Beaune. A nice delicate pinot noir-like French red that became more complex as it opened up. Mmmmm. Dinner was fantastic. A perfect ending to a near perfect trip.

There was one 'minor' snag during my trip. The hard drive on my laptop had a catastrophic failure and everything on my computer was lost. Every deal i've worked on in the last 2.5 years. Every. Deal. The IT department at my office is trying one last ditch effort for recovery - it's being sent to some place in Europe to open it up and see if it's salvagable. Please cross your fingers for me. I've begun trying to recreate some of the content - but it's nowhere near - nowhere - what it needs to be.

I need to start packing, take something purchased back for an exchange, and then i'm off. I'll detail the trip a bit more once i'm back in SF. I'd say 'home', but i'm not sure where that is anymore.

Meow - K