Tuesday, December 28, 2004


I'd rather be anywhere (well, mostly NY actually) than at my desk right now. I'd love to be in Paris - perusing the flea markets for vintage Dior - or in London with my boyfriend as my guide - or in NY - shopping at Zara or Jeffrey or Bendel's and then stopping for a late lunch and a sip of merlot at Bar 89 or Balthazar. Or maybe just a quiet dinner at Balthazar. We had the best table last time we went - and the funniest couple next to us - obviously a first date - more interested in talking to us than eachother. Mismatch. I wonder if they had a second...

So anyway - back to where i'd rather be...on the beach in St. Bart's with a good book and a suitcase full of sarongs - or in Vegas - sidling up to the blackjack table with a handful of hundreds - or at a spa - getting a hot stone massage - or in New Orleans - dining at NoLa's and then taking the midnight vampire tour - or in Napa - barrel tasting cab's in the caves at Pine Ridge Winery...

I think though, i just want to be back in NY. I miss it. I miss rich. This is so much harder than i thought it would be - long distance romance. It's especially hard after a weekend together - to once again speak on the phone - it seems like a consolation prize - it's only part of what it's supposed to be. We have the most amazing weekends together - such fun. I'm going back in a few weeks - to again spend 5 days. It goes so quickly. Too quickly.

I have to snap out of this! At least i look cute today...


Friday, December 24, 2004

Boutique Envy

There's a new store on Chestnut Street in SF - it's called Two Skirts. If i was to own a boutique - that is the sort of store i would love to own. It's perfect. Silver french coffered ceilings - sparkling chandeliers - overstuffed couches and chairs and lush velvet curtains leading to the changing area. Gorgeous. The walls are lined with everything from Tocca to Chaiken - cashmere and silk - velvet and lace - each piece more decadent than the next. It's rounded out nicely with some lovely handbags and handmade jewlery (i'll pass on the jewelry though). I bought my mom her x-mas present there today - - i'm sure she'll adore it.

Ran into a friend on the way back to my apartment - we may have a glass of wine at Balboa later tonight although i'm not sure i'm up to that yet. Still not 100%. I can't seem to shake this cough. And honestly - i'd much rather play online scrabble with my boyfriend (he's living in NY) than go out and cocktail with some girlfriends just for the sake of being out. Decisions decisions...

I still haven't unpacked my suitcase after returning from NY earlier this week. It's sitting in my hallway - my new winter coat perched upon it - exactly the way i left it when i first returned on Monday evening. I just don't have the energy to pull apart everything that i bought while i was there - and begin the process of putting it away. So tedious.

I suppose i should start...


Thursday, December 23, 2004

Fashion over Function

I've got a cold. It seems to be going around - everyone seems to be sick right now. I just got back from the east coast and wasn't prepared for 'that' sort of cold - 10 degrees. I don't know if it's ever been 10 in SF.

And me, with my kitten-heeled mules...

Fashion over function used to be something i lived by - not sure that rule can be followed in NY in the winter. I'd much rather look cute than be warm - look put together than bulky and layered. I need to rethink my whole mode of fashion if i'm to move east. Hmmmm. I'm now looking at sweaters and scarves whereas i'd normally be looking at stilettos. Although I suppose I can't complain about owning more cashmere ;-)

I buckled - i bought a poncho - i promised i wouldn't but i buckled - i was in New Hampshire on business - and went to a mall - where there was really nothing much to buy - and it caught my eye. Black cashmere. A-line and off the shoulder. No annoying fringe or fettered open weave - it was simple and it sucked me in. So there i was - in the middle of this awful mall full of stores with names i've never heard - freezing - and i had to have it. HAD to HAVE it. I've worn it - albeit - a little sheepishly - and i kinda really dig it. What the hell - at least i didn't buy Uggs!