Thursday, January 11, 2007

Round 2

I made it!!

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Despite my best efforts...

I missed my flight

Shopping and Chaos

I'm heading back to SF today. The time is never enough when I'm in NY - cabbing back from Soho yesterday weighed down by my last shopping extravaganza (gucci, marc jacobs, hermes, dior) - i was a bit wistful. Leaving is never easy. Leaving Rich is anything but.

He's a bit sick right now - but happily and sniffily went to dinner last night with our dear friends Matt and Jeremy. Balthazar delivered as usual - amazing french onion soup - escargot - grilled Skate - Steak au poivre - and a delicious bottle of Beaune. A nice delicate pinot noir-like French red that became more complex as it opened up. Mmmmm. Dinner was fantastic. A perfect ending to a near perfect trip.

There was one 'minor' snag during my trip. The hard drive on my laptop had a catastrophic failure and everything on my computer was lost. Every deal i've worked on in the last 2.5 years. Every. Deal. The IT department at my office is trying one last ditch effort for recovery - it's being sent to some place in Europe to open it up and see if it's salvagable. Please cross your fingers for me. I've begun trying to recreate some of the content - but it's nowhere near - nowhere - what it needs to be.

I need to start packing, take something purchased back for an exchange, and then i'm off. I'll detail the trip a bit more once i'm back in SF. I'd say 'home', but i'm not sure where that is anymore.

Meow - K