Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Wishes don't always come true...

I found out today that my position is officially 'global' - which basically means i'm going to be doing 3 times the work - fun fun fun. Actually i'm thrilled - it's exaclty what i wanted. As an aside - i sent an email to basically everyone that i've worked with on deals - on the sales side - asking them if there were any other 'services' they would be interested in seeing my 'team' (team of 1 thank you) deliver.

This is one of the responses:

- i wish you had the time to proof the doc for grammar and or complete sentenses

This is so far from what my role in the company is - it almost cancels out her grotesque spelling error. I don't proof documents, i plan the global strategy on key deals - where in that does it scream admin?

In the dinosaur world - she would have been eaten by now...

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Leave It To Cleavage said...

I hope not all of the responses were as unpleasant and bitchy as that one. Best of luck honey!!