Saturday, June 10, 2006

Busy bee

I haven't been writing much lately. I've had too much going on - mainly with work. Some play. May was an incredibly busy month for me - i've never been as busy, workwise, than i had been last month. It was ridiculous. I was averaging about 8 deals a week. I think it's time to hire a mini-me - as my director likes to say. So while i'm doing all of this - the last thing on my mind is contributing another post to my blog. Not that there hasn't been a ton of stuff to write about - the horrific Bush/Gay Marriage rewriting of the constitution debacle - my nephew's graduation from pre-school, my planning of the gala at the museum, a hysterical night at a drag bar, my pending trip to NY and so much else.

I kind of admire the people who can write eloquently on a daily basis. Open up their hearts and their minds and put their thoughts down. I'm sure if i put more effort in, i could. I should. I want to write more - but honestly, i can't stand the people who simply write for the 'hits' on their page - for the comments - for the perceived attention. It's kind of sad really. I only want to write if i have something to say. And honestly, i'm rethinking this post as i'm typing these exact words.

It's completely overcast today - welcome to summer in san francisco. While people in the rest of the country are donning shorts and wispy dresses, flip flops and tank tops - i'm pulling out the cashmere wraps and bundling up to take a walk down chestnut street. It's cold. The one good thing about 'summer' is the amazing farmers market which takes residence across the street from my apartment every saturday (thru october actually). I love being able to wake up - throw on sweats and put my hair up and buy farm fresh fruits and veggies - beautiful flowers and fish caught before dawn. I went this morning - bought fresh strawberries, squash, cherries, salmon, hydrangea, and some french green beans. Dinner should be fabulous tonight :)

I'm signing up for french classes at l'alliance francais with my girl friend C. They start in july. I'm also starting additional classes in august through december. I'm planning on going paris in october and need to brush up on my language skills. I used to be fluent and i've completely lost my grasp of the language. I can still understand and speak french - but to a limited degree - and if i'm in paris i want to feel completely comfortable. So i'm really looking forward to it. I love the language - it's so beautiful and to be fluent again is something i really want. After that, i think i'll take italian.

Other than that - not a whole lot has gone on - or rather - a lot has gone on, but i just don't feel inclined to put it to paper, so to speak. So, rather than fill up this page with a bunch of words, i think i'll end this post and write more when i have something more interesting to say...

Until then - ciao - K

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