Monday, July 28, 2008

Next Food Network Hack

Sure, the title is a bit gruff - but so was the winner.

This morning (thank you DVR) I watched the culmination of weeks of watching and anticipating the outcome of "The Next Food Network Star" - and was sorely disappointed that they awarded this title to a cook, who is at best, mediocre. Aaron was awkward and clumsy in his presentation, unable to talk and cook simultaneously, preparing meals that weren't on par with his competitors - yet each week - he prevailed.

This ridiculous and seemingly rigged outcome for this competition is a slap in the face to people who actually cook - who appreciate cooking techniques and learning methods to enhance their own - and who are all too aware of WHO should have won if this competition was truly based on talent, presentation and ability.

But it obviously wasn't. I'm not sure what it was based on - generating a stronger urban demographic? - teaching novices how to spice a beef loin? - how to fumble lines, botch the most basic of dishes, and self doubt to the point of self-sabotage? Hmmm maybe. Maybe it was based on a predetermined outcome set forth by the marketing department upon skewing their Nielsen's and realizing they needed another down-market show. I don't know but I do know I won't be watching.

It's obvious to anyone watching that Lisa should have won - she had the style, the passion and the ability. Her presentation needed some work in the beginning, but she worked on that and ultimately delivered flawless food and equally impressive on-camera presentations.

I'll be on the look out for Lisa - who I'm sure will be making her own mark soon enough on the culinary world. I would imagine the clock on Aaron's 15 minutes has already started ticking down.

Tick tock...

xx K

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Boogie said...

I agree that Lisa should have won, no question about it -- and what's even more disappointing than the powers that be picking the wrong person is that many people, including you and I, both felt like we could and would watch Lisa's eventual show and actually learn from it (and enjoy doing so).

What is really interesting is that Suze, Lisa's restaurant in Dallas, will no doubt be overrun by people looking to support and interact with her before she makes her mark on a bigger stage. But what I think bothers me the most is what this outcome says about the Food Network and the direction in which it's going.

I wonder if she and her husband will make an extra-special dish in honor of Aaron's victory and call it "Coke de Van." ;-)