Friday, December 24, 2004

Boutique Envy

There's a new store on Chestnut Street in SF - it's called Two Skirts. If i was to own a boutique - that is the sort of store i would love to own. It's perfect. Silver french coffered ceilings - sparkling chandeliers - overstuffed couches and chairs and lush velvet curtains leading to the changing area. Gorgeous. The walls are lined with everything from Tocca to Chaiken - cashmere and silk - velvet and lace - each piece more decadent than the next. It's rounded out nicely with some lovely handbags and handmade jewlery (i'll pass on the jewelry though). I bought my mom her x-mas present there today - - i'm sure she'll adore it.

Ran into a friend on the way back to my apartment - we may have a glass of wine at Balboa later tonight although i'm not sure i'm up to that yet. Still not 100%. I can't seem to shake this cough. And honestly - i'd much rather play online scrabble with my boyfriend (he's living in NY) than go out and cocktail with some girlfriends just for the sake of being out. Decisions decisions...

I still haven't unpacked my suitcase after returning from NY earlier this week. It's sitting in my hallway - my new winter coat perched upon it - exactly the way i left it when i first returned on Monday evening. I just don't have the energy to pull apart everything that i bought while i was there - and begin the process of putting it away. So tedious.

I suppose i should start...


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