Friday, October 28, 2005

NY in a nutshell

I've finally caught up on some of the sleep that i was so rudely deprived of while in New York - the parties - the shopping - the cocktials (OH, the cocktials) - and of course, work. I'm working from home today - have most of my deals done - and am taking a few minutes to recap the fun i had in NY.

I took the redeye out wednesday night (they kill me but it was the only viable option) - and arrived at 6am on Thursday - cabbed to rich's place and fell into bed and tried to get some sleep. We went to temple (BIG jewish holiday) - and then to his parents house to break the fast with his family. I was exhausted. I needed to get back to the hotel and into bed. So we left around Midnight.

We woke the next morning - Rich went off to work - i worked from the hotel and closed a deal. When he came back to the hotel we decided on Dos Caminos for dinner in Soho. Dinner was wonderful. It had rained, so the air was crisp and fresh - and people were walking around bundled up. SO gald i brought loads of cashmere.

We slept in on Saturday morning and then headed down to Soho for lunch at Mercer Kitchen - and then to Louis Vuitton to pick up a gift for Matt's birthday (it was in Sept - but i wasn't in NY to celebrate so we decided to have some fun in NY and celebrate in Nov). We did a bit more shopping - bought some great music from the resident DJ (DJ Lui) at one of our favorite stores "Lounge". I forgot my favorite stilettos - so we were on a search for sexy shoes for the party we had to attend that night. Alas, no sexy stilettos were found and i wanted to get back to nap before the party so we cabbed back to the W and napped and prepped for the party.

I wore a great black suit - gucci high heeled mules and the top that rich loves on me - sexy - slinky - black. Rich looked great - jeans - a striped oxford i bought for him (worn out, duh) and a cool chocolate brown cord blazer. The party was a great time - and we stayed very late - ended up getting an apres-party bite to eat with about 10 others at a diner - and wound up back home around 4am.

We checked out of the hotel on Sunday - and headed to Rich's apt - we settled in - I was exhausted - i wanted to nap - to not go out to dinner - to rest and just chill for the night. Thankfully - Rich agreed.

The next few days are a blur - i was fighting off a cold - and kept taking "Airborne" every few hours. As soon as i would feel better - i would top - and then i would start feeling crappy again.

Wednesday night Matt and i went to the Hudson hotel (pictured below) for cocktails in their outside area - very cool. We hung out for a while - had two bottles of wine (his brother dave joined us later) and sat under the canopy of trees and twinkling lights and caught up.

We had dinner at Les Halles on Thursday night - a wonderful french restaurant - very typical french bistro. While i wasn't feeling well - i had to go out - and Les Halles is a place we had to try. It was wonderful - truly - crowded and loud - but intimate. We had a window table and enjoyed a long leisurely dinner.

Friday night was sushi with a group of friends at Monster Sushi on the West side - fun - great sushi. Saturday came around and rich wasn't feeling well - we stayed in for most of the day - sleeping and lounging around. I was going to go to Bergdorf's and Barney's for a shopping fix - but didn't want to leave him if he wasn't 100%. Saturday night I went out to dinner with Matt and Jeremy. I made my way over to their place on the West Side - trudged up 4 flights to their fabulous apartment - and then made our way down the street to little restaurant for a quiet dinner. I gave Matt his birthday gift (a Louis Vuitton key case he wanted) - and dinner was long and fun. Dessert was wonderful - profiteroles and bread pudding (i only had the profiteroles though). It was pouring out - literally buckets - so we had to wait awhile before venturing back out - but once we did - Jeremy hailed me a cab - and with hugs and kisses - i headed back to Rich.

Sunday was shopping - heading over to Bergdorf Goodman to meet up with Matt and Jeremy. We made the rounds through Bergdorf's - then headed to Prada and Gucci and then on to Takashimaya (an amazing japanese department store on 5th Ave). Rich joined us a little later - and we headed down to Soho while Jeremy made his way back home to take a call from some friends in London. Matt, Rich and I cabbed to Mercer Hotel for a quick bite to eat. We sat upstairs, cocktailed and people watched. After a bit of shopping and vodka induced impulse purchases we made our way back to Matt's place and sat on their roof deck and took in the evening. Chilled we headed downstairs, ordered pizza and settled in. We left around 10pm - and headed back home to get ready for Monday.

I worked from home on Monday - and when Rich got home, rather than get ready and go out, we ordered in and snuggled up. Tuesday was a blur - work, last minute gifts, and finally meeting up with Rich. I packed and got ready for my flight - luckily, JFK was the only airport without delays. We lounged around, and tried to figure out when the next time we'd be together would be. We decided on December - the first week - I've got a family wedding and it seemed the easiest solution. It was so hard to leave - but he put me in a cab and we kissed goodbye.

As always - quite hard to leave - but there's December to look forward to. It was a great trip - we had such fun - spent time with amazing friends and bought some decadent yummy things. Nothing like a trip to NY...

On that note - i've got a friend coming into town tomorrow to celebrate/bemoan his disengagement to a woman who began to demonstrate some deal breaker behavior after he put the ring on her finger. I promised him lots of cocktails and lots of fun - so time to tidy up the house in preparation of a guest.

I'll update over the weekend if i have the time.

Meow - K

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LisaBinDaCity said...

I'm quite envious, sounds like you did all the fun NYC things! Some I have done, some I am looking forward to doing...

Oh and K? I saw an awesome Coach bag I am absolutely craving, Canal Street on your next visit? ;-)