Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Turnabout is fair play

What's a naive little minx to do. You thought you knew how to separate the herd - the good boys from the Federlines - but while you were busy reapplying gloss to those pouty lips of yours - one slinked in. He was so charming - fun without being crazy - smart without being pretentious, and sexy, oh my, MEOW. Your dates were epic, you were introduced to his friends, and felt like this boy could be 'the one'. You allowed yourself to be smitten. Well guess what - so did the 3 other girls he was dating. You, my darling, hooked up with a Serial Dater - he's got 3 girls on the line and at least 2 simmering in reserve. Don't fret - don't slink away with your ego bruised and your party dress tattered - don't swear off men and become one with your couch and the Lifetime channel - you can now call out that boy for what he is - and let all the other minxes know - Don't Date Him Girl!

Now i don't personally think this is the kind of site that is fabulous or really worthy of it's internet existence - but i definitely know some girls who will feel vindicated by posting his pic and dropping a few lines to describe his hellacious behavior. So, to that, i say go for it darlings - this time it's about you.

Meow - K


deb said...

i would have expected at least one jdate guy on here!

Krisco said...

Phew. I thought this was going to be about Mr. NYC. Phew again.

Leave It To Cleavage said...

Very cute post darling!!! I checked out the site that you referred us to. I just wanted to make sure that none of my potentials were on there.