Monday, March 13, 2006

It's a motherfucking walk-off!

Project Runway ended with a fizzle. Chloe won with her tribute to 1980's prom attire. The colors - the fabrics - the style - it was all pretty awful. But for some reason - the judges loved her. I think Santino got robbed - his collection was sick! The Burgundy leather knickers with the champagne colored wisp of a top - so sexy - the ethereal dresses - the colors - the fabrics - his clothes begged to be touched. Chloe's begged for the costume desginer for Dynasty to raid her collection. Awful. I was iffy on Daniel's collection - while some of his pieces were stunning - i didn't like the medallion on the front of the chocolate brown silk dress - it was unnecessary. I thought his slacks/sweater/shortsleeved shirt ensembles were boring except for the one with the low cut corset vest - that was very sexy. I thought the brocade jacket was stunning as was the white cashmere coat with matte silver buttons. Gorgeous. I like his pale pale pale aqua wrap sweater with satin trim. His handbags did have a bit of high school wood shop to them - but i liked what they added to the pieces.

All in all - i would have given Santino the top prize - then Daniel and lastly, Chloe. I keep trying to see what they saw in her collection and i simply can't. I thought it was garish and dated. And - AND - who wears mermaid dresses?? WHO?? No one, that's who! Who wears fuschia damask and gold lame? She designed a line of truly hideous mother of the bride dresses - with matchy matchy shrugs. Awful.

Also - Debra Messing - while fabulous in her own right - and always fantasically dressed on Will & Grace - i would hardly consider her a fashion icon. I have no idea why she would have been the final guest judge. Sarah Jessica Parker - Sharon Stone - Selma Blair - Kate Moss - so many others who are known for their fashion sense - the innateness of their style - Kate Beckinsale - Gwenyth Paltrow - Nicole Ritchie - etc - there are so many others - i don't know why - and they didn't explain why either - they chose Debra.

I was so disappointed. My sister and i talked at each commercial - critiquing each collection - calling out certain pieces - fawning over others. We both agreed that Santino should have won. We thought Chloe's was terrible - that Daniel's needed more cohesion. Santino hit the mark. We hung up after the show - baffled. Annoyed. Let down.

So be it - the fashion god's weren't smiling upon us that day. Cannot wait for next season - hopefully it will be as good as this one has been. Or at least as good as this one until Chloe won.

Make it work!


Side note - the new show - Top Chef - - their house is like 2 blocks from my apt :) excited to finally have a reality show based in SF. Watched the fist episode last night - it was awesome! One thing about chef's - they're assholes mostly - perfectionists - temperamental - arrogant - demanding and as such - this should make for amazing reality tv!


Boogie said...

I was disappointed by the finale too, and since my other half happened to be three hours behind, I couldn't tell her until the next morning how shitty it was that Chloe won. I'm not a fashionista -- but when Chloe's first model came out with those poofy sleeves, I started laughing. I thought Santino's stuff was by far the best, and I think it suggests that karma -- or politics -- plays as much a part of who and what gets where in that world as much as talent. And the fact is, Santino's got a lot of talent, but he's got no tact and no ability to work with others. It shouldn't have been factored in, and I hope it wasn't, but -- oy.

Oh, and I dunno why they chose Debra Messing either -- I would have picked someone like Sarah Jessica Parker or Elle Macpherson, ie someone with some measure of visibility in the fashion world and who is some sort of celebrity but respected in and outside the world of fashion. If you're going to pick an actress with that kind of pedigree, at least get Ashley Judd -- she could make an unwashed sweatsuit and sneakers look sophisticated.

And I'm not sure if anything can be classified as "amazing reality TV," but I saw some of that Top Chef show and thought it was good. Today, however, I saw two chefs get into an argument at The Bread Factory, so I'm just glad that the ginsus cut cans and shoes but not jugulars, otherwise that would have been the last chef-related reality I'd want to see :)

LisaBinDaCity said...

The only reality tv I watch is "The Bachelor/Bachelorette." I KNOW lol but I am quite addicted to all the those stupid rose ceremonies.

I know a lot of people who LOVE Project Runway and they seemed to have similar feelings about the winner.

Boogs is a fan? Who would have thunk it ;-)