Friday, March 03, 2006


I need to get something off my chest. I have no idea why this has bothered me so much lately, but it has - and i think it's time i address it. It's the damn Geico gecko. I've noticed something of late - he's got a heavy cockney accent - like he's from the dodgey end of town.

When he first appeared in these commercials - he had a rather high class british accent - drove a classic red convertible and had quite a way with the ladies. He was the james bond of the amphibian jet set.

Now, he's talking about pie and chips and, frankly, should be auditioning for a coveted role in a Guy Ritchie film. I suppose this is to appeal to the masses - but making him more accessible - more likeable - but i kind of equate this to swapping out the Darren's on Bewitched - it's unsettling. Did they think we wouldn't notice?


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Boogie said...

I'm not sure why he underwent this change, but considering what happened with Enron and the variety of other examples of very public corporate greed, mebbe they made Rico Suave-ay Gecko an everyman. Of course, the other possibility is mebbe he got eaten by that cat in that ad from a year or two ago :)