Friday, July 22, 2005

Birthday Kitten

Meow Meow Meow

It's my birtday tomorrow - and i'm already starting to enjoy the day because of the amazing friends i have in my life. Rich sent me the most beautiful bouquet of roses - gorgeous - they arrived this morning, along with an awesome little note that was just so perfect. Thank you baby - they are so beautiful - MWAH. Literally right after the roses arrived, another package shows up at my door. I teased rich about getting me a bottle of wine - or a bottle of veuve cliquot (our favorite) - he said it wasn't him. SO, I proceeded to open it - still thinking it was from him - and oh my goodness - OH MY Goodness - but what do i pull out of the package - only a decadent bottle of Dom Perignon - vintage '96 - from my darling and amazing friends Matt and Jeremy! YAY! Champagne is wonderful - and there are a few that i truly enjoy - regularly - but a bottle of Dom - is just so special. Thank you thank you thank you!

How lucky can a girl be to be blessed with such wonderful friends. So very very lucky - on so many levels...

I'm heading to Napa tomorrow - as i did several months ago - aboard a bus full of friends to go tasting at a few select vineyards. Cannot wait - will be so great to see my 'boys' - I haven't seen them in a while - and it's always a guaranteed great time when we all do get together.

Here i am kissing the "Cline guy" on our last trip to Napa - he was really disgusting and made of some weird malleable plastic - it almost felt like skin - the winery had several of these 'guests' in and around the wine tasting room... kinda creepy - yet very entertaining after an entire day drinking...

I don't want to 'taste' to the extent that i did last time - and i'm hoping we will actually get to go out for drinks at Balboa once we return home. I wish rich was here so he could enjoy my birthday and wine tasting with me - but he's coming out for Labor Day Weekend and we have a slew of things planned. And honestly, it's just a day... we have the rest of our lives to celebrate.

Okay - i must go - off for a little birthday pampering in the form of a mani and pedi.



Boogie said...

Well, barring a late-night pick-up by some friends in the air force, I'll be spending the night out and thinking of you :-)

Happy birthday, year we'll be spending it together.

Love you :-)


Leave It To Cleavage said...

Happy birthday!!! I hope you have a wonderful day!!! Love you!!

LisaBinDaCity said...

Happy Happy Birthday K!!! Wishing you the best day ever.

I'm so happy you are my friend, (with lots more fun times ahead :-))

Love ya!