Saturday, July 09, 2005

New York New York

I'm in NY again, going on my second week. All is well. Rich and i are getting along perfectly, as this is our little 'test run' for the future. Besides his literally having to drag me out of bed in the AM (not a morning person), it's been a smooth week with no road blocks, let alone, bumps. I decided not to stay at the W this time, to forego the penthouse suite with the wrap-around terrace to stay with my honey. I couldn't have made a better decision.

We celebrated the 4th with friends - on their roofdeck - it was great. We had a wonderful dinner at Zoe the evening I arrived (july 1) - spent that saturday in Soho - with a delicious brunch at Mercer Kitchen and then a little shopping at Louis Vuitton. Rich jokes that as soon as i walk through their doors in Soho, it's like a jackpot going off - ding ding ding ding ding - they know they've just made their quota. However, i really only work with 1 sales associate - Jessica - because she takes care of me, shows me all the newest goodies and has the best understanding of what i want and what i'll buy. She's a doll.

The next day we woke up relatively late, hung out and then went to Eli's to secure a number of delicious items for a barbecue at rich's parents home in New Jersey. We each purchases her something at pottery barn the day before, rich a gorgeous candle and i got her fragrant infused oil with reeds - each in paper white scent. She loved them! It was a great day - we had a wonderful dinner - and ended up staying until nearly midnight. His family is fantastic.

The work week was just that - a work week. Short, but full. I had 2 deals closing, got three more and met the new regional VP on the east coast. Great guy - we had a productive first meeting, and i'm meeting the rest of his team next week. Everything is coming together for the transition to the NY office. They changed my badge so i can get into the NY office so i don't have to check in with security each day when i arrive. Baby steps.

This weekend is going to be mellow - there is a lot i want to do, but i'm not going to push. We're going down to Soho again today, there are a few places i want to visit before the weekend slips away. Next week will be very busy. A lot of work, 2 of the 3 deals i just got are closing so i'll be quite busy.

Rich is coming to visit at the end of the month. We're both very excited about his meeting my family, equally as much as they are about meeting him.

Have to hop in the shower or this day will disappear and the weekend will be half over...

Meow - K

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Leave It To Cleavage said...

Wooo hooo!! I couldn't be happier for you two!! I want to come to the wedding.

Love you!!