Tuesday, July 26, 2005

R.I.P. Betty

My darling little BMW got totaled yesterday by some bitch in a mini-van. A piece of shit mini-van. She tried to beat me to the intersection, as an oncoming car, to turn left onto Lombard. She didn't quite make it. Most likely because I wasn't turning, I was going straight. She hit me so hard i have major seatbelt bruises on my shoulder, down across my body and where the belt hits you as your sitting. Basically think of what the seatbelt looks like as you're wearing it - that is my lovely bruising pattern. My side hurts, my body aches, and the most disconcerting thing about this - besides losing my darling car and having to now assume a lease or car payments, is that i'm gun-shy on the road. I'm an aggresive driver - not reckless or irresponsible - but aggressive, aware, alert, etc. - and it was strange for me to be so overly cautious. I'm driving a jeep laraedo (larado? sp??) now as a rental - i like it because it is big - i feel protected in that giant. I also drove through the same intersection i was hit in yesterday. I know that sounds silly, but i had to do it.

This sucks, I loved my car - her name was betty, she was champagne colored and so pretty. And that bitch in a piece of shit mini-van took her out. I cannot explain how truly livid i am.

And yes, everyone keeps telling me how lucky i am - that i should be thankful i wasn't seriously hurt, that i could be in the hospital right now, or worse, so yes, i understand all these things - but i'm still livid and upset.

I don't want a new car, i want 'my' car back. Bitch.

I hate mondays.



LisaBinDaCity said...

Awww Sweetie, I'm so sorry. That truly and completely sucks. And you have the right to be angry and upset. Some idiot screwed up and you are paying the price. Sometimes life truly stinks.

Thinking of you.


Leave It To Cleavage said...

Hi honey!! I'm sorry about your car, but I'm glad that you're ok. It could have been a lot worse.
My boss' husband's truck flipped over and rolled down an embankment (he slid on ice) and the truck landed upside down, he was pulled out of his seatbelt and was lying face down on the hood. All of the glass had shattered in on him and he was totally lacerated and his nose got cut off.

I know you miss your car, but we would miss you a lot more!!

Love you!

Linny said...

I'm always thankful after an accident or natural disaster when those I care about are upset about their things...."things" can be replaced, those we love are priceless.
So glad YOU were not totalled!

Belle said...

Honey I can completely relate. I name all my cars too and you tend to bond with them when you do that. When I had my first car, "Honey", some old biyotch, who I found out later on was medication and shouldn't have been driving, turned left at a light that had just turned green never hesitated for one minute and plowed right into the driver's side. I slammed into a telephone pole which completely crushed the passenger side inward and if anyone had been sitting there they would have been killed instantly. I came within a 1/4 of an inch from hitting a parked car in front of me and if the telephone pole hadn't been there, I would have gone through a store front window. Thankfully, I was fine until I tore myself out of the seatbelt to get to her and sprained the entire left side of my back and neck! D'OH!

Hope you're feeling better sweets!

BotoxDiaries said...

You can have my POS X5. I hate it & it is free to a good home. I put a $987.39 water pump on it last week (only got the 2 yr. warranty -- dumbass). And last night, what do I find? Flat tire. Not to mention the TWO window regulators I have put on the stupid thing. My recc: buy a Ford or a Jeep & send the bitch in the mini van a thank you note (sorry you got hurt though, it sucks & turns you into a paranoid back seat driver like me!)