Thursday, August 04, 2005

Finally, a bit of good news

I had to say goodbye to Betty, my beloved BMW, on Tuesday and clear her of all my belongings in order for the insurance company to come and tow her away. SO sad. I was in the process of getting a new car - narrowing down my choices of what i wanted to test drive when i was hit 10 days ago. While i loved my car - i knew it was time to buy something newer, safer and under warranty. But this is not the way i wanted to see Betty go - smashed up - on a lift - headlight hanging out - hood bent and side crumpled from impact. I would have loved to have seen her go to someone who would have taken care as i did - or as a trade in - not as a conduit for salvaged parts. So, i gathered up my 'things' - laundry detergent, a pink pashmina, tokens for the driving range, some CDs, a pair of stilettos, a picnic blanket, etc - sat in her 1 last time - ran my hands along the steering wheel, told her i was sorry (yes, i actually did that) - and walked away. That was so hard - and i'm such a girl for getting attached to my car like that.

I took a few photos - i've posted 1 below...

But this is not a sad story, yes, Betty is gone, but - BUT - i did buy a fabulous Mercedes and i'm totally and completely thrilled with it! It's gorgeous - silver on silver - 4 door - all the 'bells and whistles' imaginable - as one of my girlfriends said 'it's sooooo you'. I'm still a little skittish driving - but that will pass. I love my new car! YAY me. :)

Other great news - i did get asked to officially join the Board of Directors for the league of museums in SF. I'm so excited! We're planning a huge gala event on Oct 22. It's the grand reopening of the De Young Museum after months of renovation - cannot wait! I'm on the 'celebrity and entertainment' committee as well as another and since i have the most event planning experience of the entire Board - i'm helping with the overall planning of the event.

Other than the usual adventures at work - all is well. Rich is coming out here at the end of the month - for a week - everyone is so excited to meet him! I can't wait to introduce him to all my friends, and especially my family. I'm planning a roof deck cocktail party - so we can all hang out and he can meet my dearest friends. Had dinner with Kevin last night at a place we all love - called Izzy's - great steaks ( i had the drunken shrimp as i'm not a meat eater) - and we talked and caught up - i picked him up at his place so he could check out the car - and we went to Balboa for a glass of wine - said hi to our Mayor who happened to be having cocktails next to us - he's always at Balboa - and then made our way to dinner. I'm supposed to go have ice cream with sammy, my sister and dad tonight - but i've decided to stay in and chill out.

Not much else to report - so i'm off. Meow - K

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Belle said...

Where is a picture of that wonderful new car of yours?! You said you would post one!! And have you named her yet?! I understand how you felt when you said "goodbye" to your car. I've done that with each of mine, too. First "Honey", "Baby" and then "Hazel". Ahh, the bonds we develop in life!