Thursday, August 25, 2005

Playing hostess

It's been a while since i've posted - completely forgot to write about the great weekend i had with Matt and Jeremy while they were out visiting. We had such fun! They arrived on Thursday and we made plans to have dinner on Friday night - as they put it - a glamorous dinner. And we did. They came over for cocktails first - we chatted - caught up - drank wine and nibbled on cheese. Dinner was at 7:30 so we had to grab a taxi and head to the Clift Hotel - it's an ian schrager property - think the royalton - the paramount - the sanderson - very chic - very glam - very fun.

Dinner was at Asia de Cuba - and we were seated right next to the opening to the Redwood Room. One of my favorite bars - gorgeous and dark - with tons of beautiful people. We were seated immediately - and had a great view of what was going on in the bar - as well as the restaurant. Matt and i love the tunapica - so we had to order - we also ordered the lobster ravioli and another delicious appetizer. For dinner i had the cuban spiced chicken and jeremy had - hmmm - what did jeremy have? I can't remember. Well, regardless - we all shared - and gossiped - caught up - drank and had a great time.

I asked the host to make sure we could get a 'living room' section in the Redwood room for after dinner drinks. They, as usual, came through so we wouldn't have to stand with the masses. After dinner - we ventured over to our seats in the bar - ordered a bottle of veuve clicquot - and settled back for some of the best people watching in SF. Hot boys and sexy girls are just littered all over that bar. There is something very cool about watching that whole spectacle - all the preening - the posing - the jockeying for position - literal and otherwise.

We talked about rich and his impending trip west (labor day weekend) - if i was in love (definitely yes) - when i was moving (a few short months) - was i nervous (yes and no) - do i ever miss matthew (um, who?) - and so on. We sat for about another hour - finishing our was a great night. We made plans to go shopping the next day - jeremy had never been to SF before and i wanted to show him around. I promised to call them when i woke up and blew them kisses as my cab pulled away. I got home somewhat late - close to midnight - and called rich. We talked and i told him about my evening and tomorrow's plans. I fell asleep with his voice in my ear.

I woke around 11ish the next day - alcohol never gives me a solid sleep and i probably tossed and turned the last few hours. I called rich - took a couple advil - and then called the guys to see what was going on. We decided that i would pick them up - and we would head to Union Square for a little shopping. We hit gucci first - then dior - then i bought 2 pair of shoes - and two tops at Zara. Then to Nike town for jeremy - he was fiending for this coveted pair of shoes - something 95 - they only released like 900 globally and he HAD to have them. Well, they didn't - but the salesgirl suggested a boutique up the street that might - 'might' - have them - another suggestion was to try the Haight. Then we went to saks and Victoria's secret - we also stopped for a coffee. So we decide to hit the boutique in search of the shoes - and if they didn't have them - then we'd head to the Haight. Mind you, i can't stand the Haight - it's full of homeless kids and ratty old hipsters, dirty hippies who won't give up the summer of love - it basically looks like every day is laundry day in the Haight. Whatever missmash wornout crap that's in the back of your closet - throw it on - you'll look fine.

But i digress - we end up finding the shoes at the boutique - thank god, i'm out of having to drive to the Haight - but then jeremy says he wants to go - to see if they can find another pair. So, off we go. Jeremy is just chuffed to bits (love my london friends - always teaching me fun little sayings) with his new purchase. We drop him off in front of a skaterish store and try to find parking. We we meet up again - that store didn't have them - but others were suggested to him. So we're off - walking around - stepping over the skater kids asking for change - stopping to check out the giant legs positioned above a boutique - taking it all in - we had fun actually. There's definitely a lot to look at. Jeremy was unable to find another pair - so we ended up heading back to the car after a lovely serenade by the hari krishna walking up and down the streets - with their conga and tinkling finger simbals.

We head to chinatown for dinner - end up at a little place - Yeut Li i think - we ordered masses of food and ate until we could barely walk out the door. I dropped the guys off - gave them kisses and hugs and drove back home. They headed to Napa the next day and then drove to LA the following day. Had dinner at the Ivy - so jealous - love the Ivy. But i'm glad they had a great time and it was awesome having them here - showing them around - and letting them see why i love my city so much. You just can't beat it, well, except for NY...


piu piu said...

i like reading NY blogs. this is a good one too...

Belle said...

I guess to each his own piu because I think the two sisters blog is weird!

Anyway Kaia I LOVE the Ivy! LOVE IT! The best story I have is my ex and I went to visit my cousins and while I was getting ready the night we were going to the Ivy he was flipping through the TV stations and came across a Morgan Fairchild movie at which point he felt obligated to tell me how much he despised her! Who should be sitting two tables away from us at the Ivy was the very fake blond and big busted Morgan Fairchild!