Thursday, August 11, 2005

Now and then

Christina Aguilera, never one to shy away from her feelings about her pop rival Britney Spears has basically stated that Britney's career is over..."she's let herself go - I can't see a comback in the cards". Ouch.

Have to side with Christina on this one...hard to believe this is even the same girl - what a difference a year and a white trash husband make:

Christina on the other hand, looks fabulous!


LisaBinDaCity said...

White trash indeed. Why anyone would choose to be with that idiot, (let alone bear his children,) is beyond me.

I agree with you, Christina does look fabulous!

Belle said...

Aside from the supposedly white trash husband (I know nothing of him so I'll give him the benefit of the doubt), every pregnant women lets herself go in some way. Be kind, it's not fair to judge someone you know nothing about other than what you read in the tabloids.

Yorkshire Pudding said...

Both women are morons with limited talent, pumped up by media machines. What the hell does it matter if Britney or Christina live or die? What matters is the life you yourself are leading - the people around you, today, tomorrow, the grocery shopping, holiday plans. In the pictures you posted they both look like whores.

industry whore said...

did you see the kev/brit show? they are two of the most boring people on earth!

Kaia said...

IW -

It was too hard to watch - they were so boring. I caught part of 2 episodes i think.

Totally fascinated by the trainwreck though.