Tuesday, December 27, 2005


Christmas came and went with a mere wimper this year. My mom was sick with a cold - so while i went over to spend the day at my parents, it was really mellow. My dad and i went to to see Syriana - which turned out to be an absolutely phenomenal movie - incredibly complex - but captivating. I think i need to see it again actually - hopefully rich and i will see it while i'm in NY. After the movie - we came home and headed to an early dinner at a chinese restaurant in sausalito. That was pretty much it. It was nice to spend the day with them - but it was definitely the quietest christmas we've had in years. Chanukah started on the 25th as well - so i lit the first candle when i got home. Ahh - the joys of growing up in a mixed religion family.

I'm heading to ny on thursday morning - spending new year's with rich and friends. I'll be staying until the 10th i think - need to check my ticket. Of course i had to do a little shopping to prepare for the cold - new jacket - and i'm thinking of getting
this for the trip - but in black - or maybe this - i haven't decided yet. I think i like the second one better. But the first is more classic. And if you're a fan of PETA - spare me the lecture - thanks.

I've got a deal closing today - so i need to get back to work - and then head to marin to take back the present i bought for my youngest nephew - my sister and i bought the exact same outfit for him - so i'm taking mine back. They're in hawaii right now - on the big island - until the first - they go every year with her husband's family. When i talked to her yesterday - she put the little one on the phone and he can now say beach - and surf - but not my name. He is still calling me kaka. Or he'll call me kiki - which is my mom. It's okay - he'll get kaia soon enough...

So looking forward to NY - and spending some very very needed time with rich. :)

On that note - it's back to work - K

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Belle said...

Honey, if you're gonna' spend that amount of money on a scarf you might as well just go full throttle and buy a jacket! A friend of mine showed up one day wearing this absolutely gorgeous BEAVER fur coat! She calls it her shaved beaver, lol. While this area usually doesn't get cold enough for fur this was lovely and thin and I'm contemplating getting one. Fuck PETA.