Monday, December 12, 2005


I want to be honest and i can't. It's so tempting - so frustrating - so in my grasp. There are too many things i want to say - to tell the truth - to shout outloud - to let certain people know how i really feel. I can't. Consequences are far too great. For this to happen - people will be hurt - and the momentary rush i'll get from being brutally honest probably won't feel good an hour after that. So i'm biting my tongue - sitting on my hands - trying desperately not to let it all out. I'm not sure how much longer i can do this - keep it in and securely tied down - locked away and neatly boxed. Can't i just let one little vent out?? Can't i be a little naughty?

I'm just so sick of all the pandering bullshit that i see - the ass kissing - the total and utter lack of talent. It kills me. Killllllllls me. And i can't say a word.




Anonymous said...

Boy, do I feel you on this one. Deep breaths and hang in there!

Belle said...

Wow Kaia, that was such a little 'fuck'! You need to scream it out at the top of your lungs. Venting is healthy. Go for it!

Krisco said...

Oh, great! Now we get to wonder and cogitate and wish you could give us all the dish.

Start an anonymous blog and TELL ALL and let us know by putting the address on someone else's blog. Aha! Brilliant.

dan said...

That sucks.