Monday, December 05, 2005

Moving forward

I'm out of my funk. Feeling better, still not 100% - but a lot better. Work is still crazy - it's not only the end of quarter but it's end of year. SO all the SE's are trying to get all their deals in. There's just a lot of stuff going on. Nothing new - just felt overwhelmed last week.

I was supposed to be going to NY this thursday - to see rich and go to my cousin's wedding. It was getting too complicated and with NYE coming up - i didn't want to make that trip twice in 1 month. Not sure what we're doing for NYE - plans so far are dinner with friends - and cocktails. It'll be fun. Looking forward to it - i've never spent NYE in NY - and i hear it's an incredible city to ring in the new year. I have no interest in heading out to some club - amongst the throngs of people - fighting my way to the bar for drinks - screaming over the music - etc - that is so unappetizing to me. Hopefully we'll go someplace fun - for dinner and drinks - and then stay. Honestly, i'm not a huge fan of NYE. It seems that so many people are trying to hard to have fun - that it ends up being a fairly lame night. I'd much rather stay home - have a fabulous bottle of champagne and ring in the new year with rich - than among the masses. But we're definitely doing dinner which is great - because the people we're having dinner with are great - and fun - so it should make for a good night.

The best NYE so far - had to be when 1999 turned to 2000. I was out with one of my dearest girlfriends - M - and we went to a black tie private party at Balboa in SF. The drinks flowed - everyone looked amazing - we had an incredible night. The DJ put on Prince's 'party like it's 1999' when the countdown to 2000 started and everyone went crazy - dancing on tables - screaming - it was hysterical. M and i were jumping up and down hugging eachother - spilling champagne everywhere - laughing and kissing boys. It really was such a fun night - definitely my favorite NYE so far. Until maybe this year...

Meow - K


Boogie said...

I think, for the most part, that New Year's Eve is one of the worst days to go out and party. It's notable, in tandem with St. Patrick's Day, as one of the worst days to be on the road due to the high incidence of drunk drivers. And I think it gives lightweights, weenies and dweebs an artificial license to party.

Which is why December 30th is almost always the better choice.

But when you have someone special -- truly special -- with whom to celebrate, it's nice to ring in the new year thusly.

But me personally, I enjoy ringing in each new day thusly ;)

Krisco said...

Sounds like a great time in NYC on NYE. I'm JLS.

Belle said...

Kaia I was JUST having this same conversation last night and how we both thought that NYE and Valentine's Day were no big deal, just ordinary days. I can count on one hand how many times I've done something on NYE. It really doesn't mean much to me.

LisaBinDaCity said...

Dang blogger ate my comment.

Anyway, I think NYE is overrated too. Amateur night ;-)

I do adore bringing in the New Year with a special guy though - the absolute best!

Leave It To Cleavage said...

I hate NYE and haven't celebrated one since 1996. My grandmother died in December of 1996 and her funeral was New Year's Day 1997, so ever since then I haven't wanted to celebrate.

But, this is a new year, I have a new car, a new guy, maybe it's time for me to break old habits.