Friday, July 14, 2006

Cheers darling

C and i went to a party for the Symphony on Wednesday night at the new Mercedes dealership in SF. It's so gorgeous - very modern - sleek - 2 stories - with a very soothing bubbling water fall. We arrived, valeted, and checked in. Both C and i used to be extremely social - we were out 4-5 nights a week at different parties and functions. I chaired one of the largest balls in SF - sat on boards, etc. I eventually 'dropped out' because SF is a very small city - and if you make it even that much smaller by primarily going to only the society events - it ends up being even smaller. Everyone knows your business - who you're dating - who you're not - who you want to - etc. I'm working my way back 'in'. But i digress... we arrive and there are a bevy of faces i hadn't seen in ages. We grab cocktails and do a lap. We stop by the beautiful McLaren SLR - amazing gull-winged mercedes. It was the only one roped off in the event - all the other cars were open and people were trying them all on for size.

We sip our cocktails and of course i spy my ex. He was there with one of his best friends David. I gently elbow C - make her aware of his presence and we turn on our heels and disappear into the crowd. When we emerge from the throngs of stiletto clad women we run right into them. Of course. We say hello - he's had a few drinks so he's very 'friendly' - C immediately announces that i just returned from 2 fabulous weeks in NY. MY ex promptly grabs my ring finger to see if i'm engaged. I pull my hand away and shoot him a nasty look. We chat for a little bit - and then say we're going to get cocktails. Ciao! We cruise upstairs - nibble a few hors d'oeurves - and C is ready for another pomegranate martini. We head back downstairs - run into an old friend - mid stairwell - chat and cause a traffic jam for a few minutes - promise to email and do lunch soon and then we're off for that martini. We successfully secure C another martini - i'm drinking sparkling water now - it was dreadfully hot in there. We meet several 'guys' - chat with them for a few - and then decide we've milked this party for all it's worth. We head outside toward the door - grab our goodie bag (filled with a mini croc embossed leather martini shaker' - a mini bottle from the vodka sponsor - and some mercedes swag) - and are stopped by a photographer for a picture - we pose - cheekily with our goodie bags held up - give the photographer our names - and head out to valet. We dump the business cards we collected and head off to dinner.

We head to
Balboa for dinner - and run into the mayor. Our very handsome and very single Mayor. C knows him from events and we chat with him for a bit before sitting for dinner. C had the steak and i had the seared tuna. Both were wonderful. We discuss the event for the following evening - a charity auction at a design center and decide to pass - opting instead for an event at the W next thursday. Dinner was great as always - Balboa never fails. We ended up seeing a ton of the people from the symphony event at Balboa by the time we finished dinner. We head out - and i drop her at home.

I ended up working from home yesterday (and today) and it was truly crazy. I ended up finishing 5 deals yesterday - 2 were fire drills. I had one scuffle with a sales exec - and he ended up - literally - groveling for forgiveness by the time i got done with him. So that was fun. Today should be a little less stressful and hopefully i'll have time to get my nails and toes done before dinner tonight. A group of us are going to
Jardiniere for dinner. I haven't been there in several years - but it's an amazing restaurant and i'm really looking forward to seeing everyone.

Other than that - i'm buying a coffee table this weekend the Pottery Barn 'Gayle' table. It's really lovely. The new couch is next. I want the Seabury - but am still open to other options. So we'll see. On a side note - NY was amazing - as always - we had the best time. Only down point was that i got the stomach flu and ended up giving it to Rich. I spent the last few days of my trip indoors and not feeling well. Not fun. We did get to dinner the night before i left with Matt and Jeremy at Jane. It was Fantastic. I miss NY. I miss everything about NY.

Meow - K


Boogie said...

Congrats on the new coffee and side tables. We'll talk about the new couch -- model, color, etc. -- perchaps when we're roomies ;)

In the meantime, NY misses you too ;) So what if it's supposed to approach 100 degrees this week? :)

LisaBinDaCity said...

I was just about to say what Boogs said! Well the second paragraph anyway ;-)

Count your weather blessings you are in SF right now. The weather is freaking miserable here...