Thursday, July 20, 2006

Team Kaia

The coffee table/side tables arrived yesterday and they look fantastic. Truly. I am surprised at how big (almost double) the coffee table is from my last. I ended up giving my old tables to the moving guys - what they do with them - i don't care. So in the process of selecting what goes back on the table - what goes away - what is thrown away - etc, i end up doing a massive redo of my apt. Well, at least a massive redo of my living room. Completely reorganized and moved around all the things on my bookshelves, switched out and put away numerous books, pulled out objects i've been hoarding away for this particular moment, de-cluttered, de-junked and streamlined my life. It feels great. And, to be honest, looks fucking fantastic.

I need to have a cocktail party - STAT.

Lots of fabulous changes i haven't mentioned - i was elected PR Chair for the board of directors i sit on for the museums. And, AND...even more fabulously, i'm chairing the gala ball for the fashion and costume exhibit of an AMAZING designer. As soon as i heard we had a fashion exhibit - i was all over that. Me me me!! Yes please. So - i'm going to need a sick dress to wear - and as my mom and i were discussing - seriously fierce hair for the night. We were thinking big - bold - curly - gigantic piled upon hair. I cannot wait!

It's, ahem, my birthday on Sunday. No age divulged so bugger off. Hopefully heading for cocktails this weekend with a few friends for a bit of champagne. The calls are out and it looks like a few of us are meeting up with a few others - so it's going to be a fun group of people - ready to play and party. Most likely, we'll take residence at the Redwood room for a bit and then end the night at Balboa. I'm supposed to be heading to the W tonight for an event, but i'm not in the mood so we're passing - but booked for next Thursday for another event. On a lesser note, i was planning a relaxing day at home tomorrow - finishing up a few deals - and i'm told that i have 'mandatory attendance' to a 'pizza and bowling' party for work - team building. I'm not a huge bowler because the idea of sticking my foot into the footwear of literally hundreds of other wearers - well, frankly, gives me the willies. That and it completely destroys my manicure. But i have to be a team player... so i'll go, and smile, and bowl. Yeah me.

Birthday lunch at Neiman's with a few on Sunday followed by a mini-spree throughout the store. YEAH ME. Go Team Kaia!

Must go - meow - K


Boogie said...

With all the cleaning up/out and upgrading your apartment, I have a feeling you got inspired by my cleaning/renovating/updating my apartment. I keep telling you -- get rid of stuff you don't need and keep everything organized...glad you finally listened ;)

I'm glad you love the coffee table and the side table too -- the Seabury, eh, I'm not so sure -- we'll definitely check it out when you are here in August.

I'm sorry I won't be there over the weekend; I would have loved to spend the weekend (and your birthday) with you. The only good thing about us not being together this weekend is it gives you some time to celebrate now, and then again when we're together next month. Either way, early happy xxth birthday :)

Love you! :)

PS Can I be on Team Kaia? Or should Team Boogie absorb Team Kaia? Guess we'll find out soon ;)

LisaBinDaCity said...

Hope you had a GREAT birthday weekend.

Happy birthday K!!!

Kaia said...

Boogs -

MWAH!! Thanks and you're right - you totally inspired me with the full on transformation of your apartment. You really have an eye for great style and organization!

Lisa - thank you! :)