Monday, July 17, 2006

Retail Therapy for the Home

I made a few purchases over the weekend - a bit of upgrading for my apartment.

New "Gayle" coffee table and m
atching nesting tables

I'm leaning toward these lamps - the "Brett" collection - the floor and table lamp. I love the lines in these lamps - they're incredibly graceful and elegant while still modern.

My next purchase after my coffee table/nesting tables arrive on Wednesday is a new couch. I want something modern with clean lines but maintaining a traditional feel. I'm not one for lots of pillows and fuss - but the one i've found - i think is as near to perfection as i'll get.

I'm in love with the Seabury in "Wheat Lavish" velvet. Meow.

While my apartment doesn't necessarily need any upgrades - every now and again it's nice to surround yourself with new things. For me, it's time.


Trouble said...

Gorgeous, absolutely gorgeous!

Manic Mom said...

Ooh, so pretty and grown-up. I like your choices. You'll have to throw a cocktail party!

Found you from Stephanie of Greek Tragedy fame.

Kaia said...

Thank you girls! I'm so happy with my choices :)

Can't wait for the cocktail party - woohoooooo

LisaBinDaCity said...

I really like your new stuff!

Off topic, I have become totally addicted to "Project Runway" and it's all your and Boog's fault ;-)

Buffy said...

Love those lamps.

Kaia said...

Lisa and Buffy -

Thanks! I know - i totally love those lamps. The base is metal and they're really striking looking. Not sure if i'm going to get both or get a different table lamp.

Decisions, decisions... :)