Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day

Last night's conversation - a tiny tidbit of why i love this man:

Me: How much time do i have? Do i have time to run and grab dinner?

Rich: A half hour - go get your dinner and then we'll watch it - no hurry

Me: Do you want anything?

Rich: No, I'm fine (laughs)

Me: Nothing? What about a vegan cupcake?

Rich: Haha, no - i already have one of those

Me: Awww you mean ME!

Happy Valentine's Day Rich - i love you!

XOXOXO - always - your vegan cupcake

1 comment:

Boogie said...

Kara's might sell yummy cupcakes in SFO, but I know I have the BEST SFO/NYC cupcake, hands down (or up) ;-)

Love you toots...Happy Valentine's Day :-D

PS Nice Valentine's Day-friendly template upgrade ;-)