Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Hey Hey Hey!

Wow - long time no type...

Lots has been going on - spent a fantastic 2 weeks in NY - it was absolutely wonderful - too short.

I got that horrible cold that went around - nursed that for a little over a week. The cough just hung around for a week after that.

I set my microwave on fire - it wasn't a huge fire - just some lovely ambiance for my kitchen. There really should be manuals for those things. Oh wait. Nevermind.

4 months of planning a gala came and went with a fabulous black tie party at the end of January. I got the most gorgeous Zac Posen bag (secured the donation for the party and then won it that night - YAY me!) - it's seriously gorgeous - red satin - it's called the Aurora.

Went to a gallery opening - left early - the art wasn't compelling.

Chopped my long hair off (6+ inches) - it just brushes my shoulders now and i totally love it!

I gave up anything processed, packaged, bagged, boxed or frozen for Lent (yes, i'm jewish, but i love Lent - i love the idea of giving stuff up) - it's been a tough week (oh quiet) - but I'm feeling SO much better. Only fresh organic foods - thank god for Lettus (amazing organic restaurant in my neighborhood) or I'd be really struggling. I think it will get easier this coming week.

Bought a Rubik's cube on impulse and i absolutely dread that decision. It's sitting next to me - all colors mixed up and a complete mess. I should take it back and say mine is broken. I honestly don't think i'm going to be able to put this back together.

That's all for now - i'll try to write more often - thanks for hanging in there :)

xx K

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