Thursday, February 21, 2008

One day at a time

I had a vegan cupcake for breakfast. Someone stop me!

That addiction aside, the soba noodles were deeelish! I'll definitely have them again. I had vegan red lentil soup for dinner last night which was also very tasty. A little texturey - grainy almost - but still yummy. I have the grilled chicken salad for lunch. Not sure about dinner - i have a party i'm supposed to go to at Neiman's tonight but i'm not sure i'm going to make it. It's pouring out - buckets - and i'd rather cozy up than primp and pose for pictures.

I've noticed that i'm reaching for food when i'm bored. I think i might be a boredom eater. And an emotional eater. I need to retrain myself. It's very interesting learning about myself in this way with this new lifestyle. I miss crackers. How weird is that. I still feel the pull and it's a teeny bit hard when i walk down the wrong aisle at the grocery store or walgreen's and end up in a minefield. But it's getting better.

Good things to come.

xx K


Marc Acito said...

The other day I tried hemp milk for the first time. What an odd taste...sort of nutty, sort of sweet. I certainly don't envy your quest. My own food issues center around weight. I've gained and lost the same 30 lbs at least three time. Every time I lose them, they find their way home again.

Kaia said...

Hemp milk - interesting! I understand your food issues - I've had the same - I'm just trying to do it right this time rather than losing the weight for a party - or a reunion - or something else. I'm trying to change my entire way of eating. I think it's working! :)