Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Organic Rut

I'm doing this whole no processed, packaged, boxed, bagged, frozen, etc food thing - only organic, natural, fresh or raw foods for me - tomorrow it will be 2 weeks. It's going really well, i'm feeling fantastic - energized, clearer (if that makes sense), and healthy. Having dropped probably 8 pounds is an added bonus. My only issue, as Rich pointed out last night, is the rut i'm in with what to eat. He basically said he's getting bored for me listening to what I'm eating. I'm pretty much stuck on a grilled chicken salad and the grilled chicken pesto sandwhich (super light pesto, not oily - more flavorful than sauce-like). I've started incorporating raw organic juices like the Body Cleanser (carrot, celery, apple, lemon) and the Skin Refresher (cucumber, apple, strawberry) - but I needed to branch out food-wise.

So while pondering what to order last night, i decide i'll order grilled chicken skewers with coconut cilantro jasmine rice from the restaurant next door to Lettus. While not necessarily organic, their food is super fresh and low fat. I call and call and call - only to get a busy signal. Out of frustration and hunger, I go back to Lettus and opt to explore their menu a bit. I order the Tuscan panini for dinner (meh, i'll pass on that again) and the chilled soba noodles with ginger, lime, scallions, veggies and sesame seeds for today's lunch. I ordered another raw juice and a vegan cupcake. Normally i wouldn't order a vegan cupcake, really not appealing to me - but ohmygod this stuff is like crack and i'm addicted! I have no idea how they make them so good but they need to take them off the menu.

So i'm trying to branch out - it should be easy - but i'm a create of habit. So we'll see. I'll let you know how the soba noodles are.

An interesting off-shoot of this little organic non-packaged anything diet is that my ulcer hasn't been hurting at all. I'm still taking my meds, but I haven't had a break-through in 2 weeks. Amazing...

Once Lent is over (the reason for this whole change) i'll probably stick to this new way of eating - i'm feeling amazing and the urges for crackers and crap, which at first were incredibly strong, have started to fade and wane. I think it's a matter of knowing my triggers and how to cope without reaching for those things. I'm getting there. Wish me luck.

xx K


glo said...

That's fantastic, Good on you! We now have a sit down, eat in restaurant to meet your culinary needs here in Toronto (mine too actually). When are you coming to visit?

Joyous said...

Wishing you all the luck! If you've stuck with it this long, you'll do fine going forward. I suppose after a year it becomes a lifestyle, and that's actually how long I've been on the same path as you are. However, as much as I prefer organic, sometimes I have to settle for what's in stock at the market. Living in San Fran and NY I'm sure you're options are limitless.

Kaia said...

Thanks ladies!! The support is much appreciated! :)

Glo - not sure when we're heading to Toronto - but we'll let you know when we do!

Joyous - fantastic to hear that you've been doing this for a year! I agree that it won't be completely organic forever - and that there will be times when I will have to eat what is available but for now i'm sticking to it :)

xx to you both K