Friday, February 11, 2005


It's 2:45 am and i can't sleep. Not sure why - i think stress. I tossed in my bed for an hour - until i finally got up - defeated in my attempt to fall back asleep. So frustrating. I'm hoping flipping channels and writing will help me but i'm not sure. We'll see...

Great news at work today - people couldn't be happier with what i'm doing - according to my director i'm a 'huge hit'. He just got back from a 2 day executive management mtg (mind you, that means a half day meeting and a day and a half of golf...) and said that the VPs are thrilled with the work i'm doing - so much so that we're meeting on monday to go over the direction of my role (most likely global) and how we can coordinate all of the 'additional' responsibility that is going to be coming my way. I couldn't be happier - but i also think it's why i may not be sleeping. I'm under a lot of pressure right now - and that's not a bad thing - but i tend to internalize pressure ( i subscribe to the 'never let them see you sweat' form of thought) - so it comes out in other ways - and insomnia is definitely one of them. Lovely. Faaaabulous.

I'm heading to NY on thursday - so excited. I have two deals closing out of the NY office that week so i'll work from there - half days - while i'm in the city. My director wants me to 'shake hands and kiss babies' - haha. I think i can handle that. So looking forward to going - to hitting the museums - to getting my hair done - to seeing friends - to shop - and to spend some very needed time with rich. Thursday can't come quickly enough.

Writing isn't helping at all - i'm wide awake. I am so totally wide awake.

Last night - wednesday (or i suppose 2 nights ago now) - went to dinner with a girlfriend to Chez Nous - darling little french restaurant on Fillmore - it's not heavy french - it's bistro french with little plates and tastes - we had a great time. Ran into an old friend - a girl i used to do charity events with - we exchanged cards and are going to get together for cocktails sometime soon. She was always such a sweetheart - great to reconnect with her.

I think i'm getting tired - i can't really tell - but my eyes are getting heavier and my thoughts are unorganized...i think that's a very good sign. OOh - i just yawned. I'm going to go with this and tip toe off to bed...

Wish me luck.


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