Friday, February 11, 2005

Post-Insomnia - Pre-Spree

It's totally overcast today and i'm tired. Last night was awful. I crawled back under the covers and fell asleep for about 45 minutes - then woke up again - tossed and turned for a half hour and then woke to the sound of my phone ringing (rich) and my alarm going off simultaneously. Spoke with rich for a bit while i dragged myself out of bed. I think my eyes are still at half mast. Yawwwwn. I'm definitely going to leave a bit early - and considering that the office is totally empty (at least the sales area) due to the AT&T Pebble Beach National Pro-Am that is going on in Carmel - i don't think it will be that much of a big deal...

I think i'm going to go to Neiman's on my way home - there are a few things that i need to pick up (marc jacobs, donna karan, michael kors) for my NY trip - and i also want to go to Anthropologie this weekend - they have a darling white (lycra-ish for fit) top with tiny sparkly sequins on it - i think it's called the "starlight tank" - well anyway, it's perfect for layering or under a chic black suit...and their "open horizon skirt" is perfect for the beach - or a summer stroll through central park or sunday brunch at corner bistro - it's flirty and tiered and somewhat spanish in feel - very sexy - meow - another must-have.

There are so many must-haves - aren't there...

One of my newest loves is the earl grey tea candle by skeem - it's decadent - smells incredible - even when not lit...i'm definitely stocking up :)

The marc jacobs key pouch is also something that's on my hit list - sold out at barney's - so i'll have to find it elsewhere. I think i'll check Neiman's while i'm there - yay.

For you naughty kittens out there try the "wink" silk and suede blindfold from - ultra sexy and a definite must have for anyone who's adventurous - take a peek - it's so not just a blindfold - with over 3 yards of silk - (the asphalt silk sash is my fav) - you're fit to be tied.

Too many beautiful and delicious things - not enough time...


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