Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Plans and purchases

Newest must-have: the Burberry Cinda bag in traditional check plaid - Love it!

Now that that's off my chest I feel so much better...

Heading to NY next thursday - can't wait - i'm going to stay until the following tuesday now. Plans so far: quiet dinner when i arrive - i'm going to meet with a broker on friday to show me a few of his listings - while it's some months out before i move - i want to establish a relationship with a broker to make sure he knows exactly what i'm looking for - friday night is dinner with friends - saturday is dinner with friends and a party - sunday is SoHo and a museum - monday (day and night) is up in the air...i still have to fit in cocktails with my girlfriend lani and brunch with wendy and her husband...i'm sure it'll all work out. So excited!

Work has been so hectic - even more global deals are getting assigned to me - i'm in the middle of 7 deals right now with 2 more that i know of 'coming my way'. A lot to keep up with - but i love it. Keeps me on my toes.

It's been raining on and off for the past 3 days and while i'm wrapped in cashmere (meow) - i can't escape this chill...i keep hearing - beware the spring-like weather - it's a terrible tease - it's going to get cold again. I know it will - but it's so hard to go back to the cold when we had nearly an entire week of record breaking (20 degrees above normal) temperatures - over 70 in SF last week. It was amazing - and now i'm back to keeping my scarf on all day...oh well.

Having dinner with the family tonight - should be nice - leaving work a tiny bit early to be able to make it up to marin in time. Nothing else terribly exciting to report today - life is pretty seamless right now - moving along perfectly. Can't wait to land in NY and see rich. Miss him very very much.

Must go - K

Oh - and 1 more thing - thank you to 'anonymous' for posting her (i assume) comment about my valentine's day entry - it's very much appreciated and so nice to hear after that nasty email - good to know that there are confident and fun girls out there willing to pull away from the herd (no, i'm not calling you a cow) and be their own person...despite the constant barrage of pink and red that seem to permeate every store we enter these days...

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