Friday, February 25, 2005


I was thinking the other day - about 'moments' - you know - when you're lucky enough to actually catch yourself having a moment - when you have the ability to step outside yourself and observe the moment as it is happening...

Say you're sitting in Central Park - beautiful day - sun shining - kids playing - people strolling about - and you're on a comfy blanket - reading your favorite book - you've read it too many times to count - but you love it - the worn, dog-eared pages, the way the hard back feels in your hands - and you're immersed - taken - deep inside the story...and something pulls you away - and you look up - and you hear the dogs barking - and the children laughing - the people talking - the wind softly moving the leaves - you can feel the sun on your skin - the warmth - and you sit there - and take it all in - and realize - this is why i'm here - moments like these - moments when you realize how wonderful things really are - and how it only takes the smallest thing to bring us back to that...

Rich is my moment - i was immersed in a great book when i met him - happily living my life - but he lifted my head - and made me see again how wonderful things truly are.


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