Monday, April 25, 2005

Happy Passover

Happy Passover to all.

It's been nice being home - i'm recovering from slight jet-lag - getting back into the swing of things here in SF - my morning and evening routines - seeing friends - doting over my nephews - planning my next trip to NY. While it's nice being home - i'm pulled in another direction - i miss NY - and rich (enormously) - and want to go back. Soon.

I passed on a quick trip to Tahoe this weekend in lieu of heading to Napa with my parents to spend passover and enjoy a seder with my sister, her husband and his family. I was so excited to see my nephews. I hadn't seen then since before i left for NY and was definitely missing them. I wore black pants, a white satin jacket and a pastel floral halter top that was tied back with pastel satin strings knotted at the end with beading (all from banana republic) - very pretty. My sister looked gorgeous - black suit - lavender cashmere sweater and a long double strand of crystal beads.

The seder was lovely - sammy sat next to me - was a little concerned that he was going to be called on to read - given that fact that he can't (he's only 4 - and while he knows some words - reading passages at a seder is a bit more advanced - even for a smart monkey like him). I assured him that he wouldn't be asked to read but gave him the task of turning the pages for me. The seder lasted about an hour and we then broke for dinner - my sister and i chatted for a bit - i finished bottle feeding the baby - who was completely awake - surprisingly - and happily pulling the satin strings tied around my neck holding my top up. After dinner we finished the seder and then had dessert. Around 10pm it was time for everyone to leave. We said our goodbyes - H and i planned dinner this week while her husband - M - is away on business - either tuesday or wednesday. I'll bring S's gifts from NY with me - he's very anxious to have that snow globe back in his possession. Luckily for him - he's getting not 1 - but 2 - to replace the first one i brought him back in february (thank you rich).

Sunday was very mellow - i did a little work at home - cleaned my house - unpacked and put away my clothes from my most recent trip - napped and talked to rich on and off throughout the day.

Time to go - much to do - i'll update later in the week...


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Boogie said...

Tell Cole to keep his hands off those strings...pulling at them is my job :-)