Tuesday, April 05, 2005

The Light and the Dark

The Light -

I'm on a 6 hour conf call today - 6 hours - can you imagine! Needless to say rich is entertaining me with text messages and IM's (thanks baby). All is well - the weekend was nice - spent saturday night taking care of my nephews while my sister and her husband went to dinner with friends. The baby is crawling now - and teething - so he was putting everything and anything in his mouth - my bracelets - my shoulder - the sleeve of my jacket - my knuckle (that was a favorite) - the remote control - his bunny - etc - all for mere seconds (except the knuckle and the bunny) - i'd pull something away and he's latch on to something else. God he's adorable. I think it's time for a burberry baby outfit :)

I'm heading to NY next week (yay) - can't wait - going to spend some time at the NY office and the rest of the time with rich. We'll definitely hit Soho again - maybe brunch at Mercer Kitchen - hit a few home stores - i'm really into buying stuff for my home these days - moreso than for wearing - i'm eyeing a new couch - a new coffee table - rich and i keep going back and forth with respect to what to do for a coffee table - i love the look of a large leather ottoman as a coffee table - rich doesn't 'love' it - so who knows. The new Series One collection at Pottery Barn - their higher-end furniture line has a gorgeous couch i'm going to get - and their coffee table is also nice - not sure yet. Also - the furniture at Wms Sonoma is amazing - gorgeous. So many choices. Must choose wisely...

We'll probably end up at Balthazar again - i can't help it - i love that place - the food is always amazing and we always have such a great time. We're doing sushi for sure one night - and maybe York another night. We'll go to the Whitney and probably the Met - do some shopping on Madison and 5th - hopefully get to see his sister and parents again as well - other than that - the only thing on the agenda is spending time together. I can't wait.

Yawn - this call is dragging. Is it bad that i'm shopping online while on this conf call? Is it bad that i'm oohing and aahing over the newest Gucci handbags rather than totally listening? Is is bad that i'm ordering yummy things for myself when i'm supposed to be actively participating in this discussion? Probably. Most likely. I should probably get back to the call. But i'd really rather not.


Ooh - it's winding down actually - a little early - i think people have actually just tuned out and aren't asking questions anymore. Not shocking. It was entirely too long. Okay - i have to pretend i've been listening and add some 'value' to the final minutes of the call. Wish me luck...

Meow - K

The Dark -

That big slobbering bastard who played "Big Pussy" on the Sopranos turned out to be just that - a ginormous pathetic blathering self-aggrandizing ego fueled pussy. He beat his girlfriend up on the streets of SoHo last weekend - and then drove off as she lay on the pavement. What a sweetheart. They were heading to her family's house - and were running late - so he took it upon himself to slap her around, slam her head into the dashboard and then - then - pull the car over on Mott Street to drag her out of the car by her HAIR and finish her off in front of by-standers. Nice. Class act that 'pussy'. And by class act i mean fat fuck.

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