Sunday, April 10, 2005

Heading back to NY

It's sunday evening and it's beautiful out - mid 70's in marin and 61 at my apt - i live 2 blocks off the water so it's normal for the ocean breeze to cool everything down. The weekend was mellow - hung out with my mom for a bit - went shopping - got some fabulous new things - a pair of sexy stilettos - a black slinky top - a white slinky top - my perfume - new lipsticks - among other things - oh - and a gorgeous honey colored velvet jacket - really beautiful. The rest of the weekend was spent relaxing and hanging out.

I'm heading to NY on thursday - can't wait. I've got several deals closing so i'll be working out of the NY office for part of the time that i'm there. Rich and i have our plans - mercer kitchen - balthazar - york - the met - the whitney - bergdorf goodman - takashimaya - louis vuitton - etc. NY has such an amazing energy to it - a palpable buzz - i think it either wears you out or invigorates you. There is so much i want to do when i'm there - i barely feel like we have enough hours in the day to do what we want - to go where we want - to see want we want - so we taxi all over the city - uptown - downtown - crosstown - capturing the day in its fullest - squeezing every minute - collecting memories along the way. This time we have together is the best - filled with laughter and food and wine and art and love and little luxuries - it's perfect - and simply cements what we already know.

It's tough not being in the same city - but there's a contentment in knowing how we feel about eachother - that certainty - and it eases our longing to be in the same city. At least for the time being - and i'm still focused on the fall as the move date.

So that's that. All is well - i'm supposed to go to a charity art auction this wednesday - but given that i have an early thursday am flight - i'm probably going to pass on that event. Oh well. Other than that - life is on course. No complaints. Yay me.

Must go - time to decide what to order for dinner - K

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