Friday, April 15, 2005

New York - day 1

I arrived last night - grabbed a cab at JFK and headed to the W New York - my suite wasn't quite ready - so they offered me free cocktails while they prepared my room. I met a very nice man - on the board of some bank - we chatted for a while - intermittently while i pestered rich to get to the hotel quickly. Finally my suite was ready - and i opened a split of red wine and relaxed - waiting for rich to arrive. I left a key at the front desk for him - so he wouldn't have to be bothered with calling up - and he keyed into my suite around 8pm. Saddled with his overnight bag and a beautiful bouquet of roses for me - he dropped his stuff in the living room 'area' and joined me in the bedroom. The rest is not going to discussed - private and amazing and splendid and incredible - as usual. We ordered room service - too tired to go out - sashimi - and some other nibbly things - and relaxed on the couch.

We got up this am - ready for the day - well - mildly ready for the day - i was exhausted and literally needed to be dragged out of bed. After bitching and bemoaning the fact that i actually have to get out of bed - we both get ready for work. I head to my office - which is in shambles - i'm one of only - maybe 5 - people there - that aren't construction workers. I get ushered to a conference room where i handle an inordinate amount of work in a very short amount of time - deal after deal - answered and 'cleared' off my plate. I call my dear friend - jim - who i haven't seen in at least a year - and tell him i'm in town and we need to cocktail. He emphatically agrees. We cut out early - 3ish - and head to a very cool - small bar in Hotel 41 - split a bottle of veuve cliquot champagne and catch up. Rich arrives shortly thereafter - we order another bottle - and some appetizers and spend the next few hours laughing and catching up and people watching. Jim - father of four - needs to head back to reality and his family waiting for him at home. Rich and i walk him to the train and then catch a cab back to the hotel. We're meeting friends for drinks and dinner later and intend to continue having entirely too much fun. Must go - rich is in the other room and i need to join him...

Until later - meow - K

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