Thursday, June 02, 2005


We stayed up late monday night - i was working - and got a ton of work completed. I thought i would have been done much sooner - we wanted to watch a movie before bed. Unfortunately - work took me to almost 1:30am. We crawled into bed - curled up with eachother and fell fast asleep. Tuesday was busy in the AM - very - closing one of the deals i worked on monday evening - but i was able to get out of the office at a reasonable hour - 3ish. I headed over to rich's office - hung out with his sister for a while and then rich and i headed back to Soho - i had a few last items i wanted to get - and knew if i didn't do it then - there was no way i would be able to do it wednesday.

We walked around for a while - and then once i bought some yummy things for friends and family - we made our way back to his apt. We napped - briefly - then i showered and got ready for dinner. Balthazar is 'our' place. It's always wonderful. This was no exception. We had 10pm reservations - and rich wore one of my favorite banana republic dress shirts of his - i wore a white satin jacket - jeans - heels and a sexy slinky black top. When we sat down one of the waitresses that we've had before (twice i believe) - came over and said hi - then disappeared only to come back with 2 glasses of champagne for us. How sweet. She's such a doll. We ordered wine - a bottle of pellegrino - and made our choices for dinner. It was such a wonderful night. Dinner was relaxing and delicious - rich looked handsome and was so sweet and attentive as always - the people watching is some of the best in the city - and we couldn't have had a better time. We had a picture taken at our table - i'm sure rich will post it - if not - i'll ask him to post it here.

After dinner - we spent a little time outside - it was gorgeous out - and then grabbed a cab back to the apartment. Meow.

Wednesday was hurried - and i didn't want to go. I took care of business for most of the morning - we barely got to see eachother before i left. I hate saying goodbye. I'm such a girl - tearing up - head on his chest - not wanting to close the cab door. But i have to. So we say our goodbyes - and i wave out the cab window as it pulls away and toward JFK.

I call rich when i get to the airport and settle into my seat - until they insist we turn off all electronics...and then power up my phone as soon as we land so i can tell him all about my trip 'home' and how i miss him so very much - and how i got sad on the flight while listening to the CD he made me - and how i'm going to have to postpone my oral surgery because i've come down with a cold. And then i call my parents - tell them i'm fine - have landed - will call when i get to my apartment. They're happy i'm home - but they know where my head is - and having told them over the weekend that i'm in love - i think they understand the inevitableness of a change of address for me.

Called the surgeon today - it's postponed until next friday - which makes it easier on everyone. Sadly - i'll miss one of the best party weekends in SF - the Union Street Festival - it's basically a drunken 2 days - with about 10,000 people - milling about union street - standing in make-shift beer gardens overflowing with locals - perusing the booths filled with jewelry, art, ceramics, etc - it's so much fun...

All in all - a wonderful - amazing trip - i'm sad to not be there - i miss rich terribly - but know we'll be together very soon. I've got a sore throat and a cough - hopefully i'll recoup over the weekend. I'm tired and can't wait to go to sleep. I may leave early today...

Must go now - have much work to do - and a few deadlines looming over me.

Meow - K

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