Thursday, June 30, 2005


Rich's mom is a miracle worker! She found the unfindable. She found the Christian Dior Princess Ring. And not 1, but 2! She's one of my favorite new people.

Tiny bit of back story to this...

So, Christian Dior (who i love love love - best handbags/shoes/clothes - so sexy and fun) came out with this fabulous lip gloss housed in an oversized ring. It's hot. And sold out. Both my sister and i had to have one - we loved the lip glosses (2 different shades in the ring once you flip the jeweled top open) and were looking everywhere for them. No one had them - every one was sold out. I couldn't even find them online. Only the eyeshadow version of the ring was available. And EW, it was blue. Blue! No thank you. Never. I finally had to resign myself to not having this decadent little ring - and bemoan the fact that i again waited when i should have bought when i had the chance...

Hello Louis Vuitton gorgeous to die for earrings...dammit

So anyway - Rich told me the other day that he had a surprise for me. And me, liking instant gratification and all, prodded him until he told me that his mom had found the rings and secured 2 of them, 1 each for my sister and me. YAY. I was stunned, literally. HOW had she worked her magic! I would love to have those magic skills, I can only imagine the yummy things i would secure: the gorgeous Dolce & Gabbana fitted t-shirt with their D&G logo encrusted in crystal on the front - to go with, of course, the long boucle D&G coat of raspberry, pale pink and creme cashmere in an oversized plaid; the YSL spectator stilettos - so gorgeous; the Dior logo mules; the simple black Donna Karan winter coat with just the right amount of detail to make it lustful rather than typical; the Marc Jacobs biker bag in silver - so hot; and, of course, the matching winter white wool boucle chanel handbag to match my black one.

Alas, i don't have magic powers, however, i now know someone who does...

Life is good.

Meow - K

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