Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Bits and Pieces

It's been a while since i posted last. The oral surgery went incredibly well - i was only on pain killers for 1 day - and the oral surgeon said i had an amazing recovery. It was really easy, shockingly, but while i'd prepared myself for a lot of pain, there was literally none. Lucky me. :)

I spent the weekend at my parents house - and rich surprised me with the most beautiful bouquet of flowers - hydrangea, roses, lisyanthus - and 2 'get well' balloons attached to a sweet little bear. Totally made my day.

Father's Day was nice, had brunch with friends, then went to the North Beach Festival to hang out. I drove to my parents house around 5:30 - and we grilled and relaxed. Nothing terribly exciting, but fun nonetheless. I bought my dad 2 tix to a musical he's been wanting to see - it's about a family on the lower east side called 'a stoop on orchard street'. He mentioned to me he wanted to see it, so i got the tix for him for father's day and we're going tonight. Should be fun.

Other than that i'm still recovering from that cold - the cough won't go away. It's almost gone, finally. It's the end of the quarter at work which means i'm more slammed than usual. I'm juggling an inordinate amount of work - and all of the deadlines are, of course, high priority. It's a little crazy. But, a girl must keep her eye on what's important, and that, for me, is heading to NY at the end of next week to spend 2 weeks with rich. YAY. Can't wait.

We have plans, of course, but on a much more leisurely scale - we don't have to cram everything we want to do into 5 days - we have over 2 weeks to hang out, play, shop, cocktail, dine, see friends, sleep in, and be together. I know we'll go to mercer kitchen, balthazar, hit soho, the seaport and see friends, but we can really be doing anything - as long as we're together - we have fun.

I need to buy some summer stuff - it's never really 'that' warm in SF. I bought a cute pair of capris the other day - i think i'll go back and get more. I also need tops and stylish but comfy shoes. I hate shopping when i 'have' to go - when i have to find something specific - that is when i never find what i need. So frustrating.

All else is well - must go grab lunch and then get back to work - I'll write more when i feel i actually have something mildly interesting to say...

Meow - K

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