Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Oscar Recap

I really didn't watch - it just wasn't compelling this year - and from what i saw - it was one of the least interesting (fashion and otherwise) Oscar awards ceremonies that i can recall. However - i did catch some of the fashion - and have to give my 2 cents...

Hilary Swank - horrible - awful - she's already won 2 Oscars for portraying men - she should just wear pants at this point. That dress was dreadful.

Charlize Theron - pure perfection - as usual - she's entirely too glam for her own good.

Cate Blanchett - fabulous - gorgeous hair - gorgeous dress.

Kate Winslet - equally as fabulous - she looks amazing - and that color was lovely on her.

Laura Linney - eh - not thrilled - the color washed her out - and her hair looked unwashed.

Robin Willams - heinous. Period.

Renee Zellweger - she's so tired - same pout - same dress - we've seen her in this look for how many awards shows now...

Salma Hayek - anyone with hips should never ever wear one of those 'mermaid' dresses - even if it was a custom prada - it looked like a mexican prom dress.

Beyonce - please see the above mention of the 'mermaid' dress.

Scarlett Johansson - terrible - wretched hair. Terrible.

Natalie Portman - fabulous and stylish beyond her years.

Penelope Cruz - gorgeous dress - horrid hair - completely overpowered her tiny features.

Melanie Griffith - tacky - looks like she borrowed something from Cher's closet in 1986. And enough with the plasitc surgery already - good lord.

Giselle Bundchen - with that body - why would you walk out of the house looking like you wrapped a towel around yourself - sure - it's Dior - but there's not even a hint of a shape to it.

Johnny Depp and his wife/girlfriend (not sure) - both awful - unkept - I know you're 'french' now Johnny - but the french actually have a sense of style...try to keep up.

Kirsten Dunst - very chic.

Halle Berry - gorgeous.

The woman up for best actor - not sure her name - i think she's spanish - stunning - i love a sleek ponytail - there is something very sophisticated about it.

Julia Roberts amazing - glowing - beautiful - bravo.

Gwyneth Paltrow - my personal fashion icon - sadly - didn't deliver as i hoped - interesting dress - but the color washed her out - and her hair - it would have been pretty swept up.

All in all - fairly disappointing fashion-wise - I can only imagine how many stylists are now hitting the pavement looking for new clients after the disasters they sent down the red carpet. I've chaired gala events - i've worn the gowns - it's really not that hard to look good - it just amazes me that so many looked so bad.



Anonymous said...

I don't think Julia Roberts was at the Oscars.

Kaia said...

She was - she presented Clint Eastwood with something - Best Director i think...she looked gorgeous - black dress - hair up - sexy post pregnancy curves - she looked fabulous. K