Monday, May 02, 2005

short & sweet

It was a quiet weekend. Spent saturday visiting a dear family friend (along with my mom and sister) - she just had her baby - after many many months of trying - and her little girl couldn't be more beautiful - charlotte grace. Rosiest little lips and perfect little nose - she slept soundly on me for over an hour while we all caught up. Afterward, I did a little shopping - nothing exciting - just a few necessary things. Almost bought a gorgeous ring - but decided against it. My sister bought these fabulous green suede pointed-toe flats that i have to get next weekend. Saturday was a birthday dinner for a friend - but i passed instead and opted for sunday brunch - which i also ended up not attending. Sunday night was spent with rich on the phone - laughing and conspiring our next time together.

Work was crazy last week - but all is well today. Fielded the usual monday morning chaotic phone calls and once again fell into an easy rhythm.

I feel like i'm missing something - i don't know what it is - something in my personal life - or work life - and i can't remember... dammit. I wonder what it could be.

I'm having the most difficult time with Mother's day presents for my mom and sister...while i think i'm going to get H something from hermes - a scarf or a bracelet - i don't know what to get my mom. Christofle has these gorgeous hand-dipped silver sea shells - or maybe a vase... i just don't know. Any suggestions?

Must go - K

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