Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Mystery solved

So i went to the dentist yesterday because i had been getting headaches and my jaw was hurting and it turns out i need to have my wisdom teeth pulled. Youch. I have a consultation with an oral surgeon tomorrow at 1:30 - and will most likely have the procedure done the friday of the week i get back from NY. I'm not looking forward to this - but at least they've identified the issue and we're taking steps to get it resolved quickly.

Perfect timing on rich's part - i got into the office today and waiting for me were 2 dozen gorgeous red roses with the sweetest card. Thanks darling - they're so beautiful...

NY is turning into one great big weekend with friends. One of my best girlfriends - jax - is going to be in NY with her husband and her darling new baby girl (4.5 months) - we're going to get together with them - at least once - hopefully more. Matt and jeremy are scheduled for at least dinner and definitely cocktails - lani and her new husband are going to be cocktails too. Add a bbq with rich's sister and her boyfriend along with seeing other friends and the weekend/week is booked.

We have an appt to look at an apt on friday. It's my number 1 choice - in soho - brand new - terrace - gourmet kitchen - marble bath. Cross your fingers :)

Nothing else to report - work is hectic as usual. I'll write more tomorrow once i get home after my consult with the surgeon.

Meow - K

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