Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Prepare for flight

I've got a million things to do before my flight this coming early early thursday am. So excited for NY. I've got to get my nails and toes done - i have to return 2 tops to banana republic - too big - buy a silky/lace camisole top at banana republic to go with a gorgeous cashmere/silk short kimono-ish top i recently purchased elsewhere - god it's amazing - i also have to organize my other outfits - and clean my house as i'm having my surgery 2 days after i return.

Oh. Not sure if i mentioned. The appt with the oral surgeon went really well - he's wonderful. I need all 4 of my wisdom teeth out. So it's planned for June 3. I'm on penicillin right now and taking advil for any pain or discomfort. Not looking forward to it - but my mom and dad are being so sweet and despite the fact that they've got 2 parties to go to over the weekend - they're insisting i stay at the house so they can 'care' for me. Basically - mom is going to pick me up after the surgery - wisk me home - tuck me in - throw on her heels and head to the dinner party with my dad. I should be fine for work that monday although i'll most likely work from home rather than drive to my office.

I was supposed to have dinner with my sister and the babies tonight but i'm just going to go over for a few minutes to pick something up i need to bring to NY for rich. I'll give the babies lots of kisses before i head out the door and sammy a little present i bought him yesterday. I think i'll start packing tonight - so i'm not completely frantic and rushed tomorrow night. I've already called the town car to pick me up at the airport so that's taken care of - now i have to secure a terraced suite. I should have an assistant. haha.

What else what else - i'm just so excited to be in NY with rich. It's only been a month - or thereabouts - but it feels like forever. I can't wait to just fall asleep in his arms. I so adore him.

Back to work - so much to do.

Meow - K

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LisaBinDaCity said...

See you soon Sweetie! Fly safe :-)